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I'm looking to plan a trip for shark teeth hunting possibly in Summerville, SC. Im currently in Pender County, NC, so Green Mile Run isnt out of the question. Any suggestions, locations or people who want to group up? Haven't had too much experience, but i've leant its the company that matters over what you find.


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Hi, you posted this in the blog section and not in the forum so not as many people are going to see it. There is a group of us planning a trip to the area on Black Friday. You can follow the thread here if you like. http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/58514-black-friday-summerville-ditch-trip/

If that isn't good timing, you can post a new topic in the South Carolina heading. My advice is feeder creeks. If you are within the city limits of Summerville, you can only surface hunt (you can walk in the creeks but you cannot dig, sift, etc - you can only pick up what you see on the surface of the creek bed). If you are outside of the city limits you can dig and sift.

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I am going to take a early scouting trip today to Summerville sc if anyone see this. More than welcome to join up! Email me at brandonrobinson16@gmail.com. I'll be there around 10am!!!

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Hey, sorry I missed this. College work has me bogged down pretty good. Hope it went well.

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