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Another Foram From The Pecan Gap Chalk



When I was preparing my previous entry on nodosariid forams from the Pecan Gap Chalk, I originally included a specimen that I had identified as a member of the genus Dentalina.  This identification was incorrect, and I edited the entry to remove that specimen.  Here it is again, with what I hope is the correct identification!




The genus Strictocostella is a member of the family Stilostomellidae, and this species is illustrated in Frizzell's "Handbook of Cretaceous Foraminifera of Texas" as a member of the genus Stilostomella.  He also listed it as occurring in the Pecan Gap Chalk.  Better images can be found on the World Foraminifera Database -- they show specimens with some very small spines around the bases of each chamber, almost what one might call "hispid".  The drawing in Frizzell does not show this feature, nor does my specimen.  I have not yet looked at Cushman's original description, but I am reasonably confident that this difference is within the range of natural variation.  (I have seen this kind of variation on images of other stilostomellids.)


I like it when I "Live and Learn!"  And I'm glad that I caught the error.............


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Hi Rumi.  Beautiful photos!  Thanks For putting together such an informative blog. Merry Christmas!

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@Acryzona  Thanks very much, and best of the New Year to you!  Any chance of your returning to Arizona any time soon?

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@Rumi  Happy New Year to you also!  I’m hoping to get out to the PHX area sometime this year.  When plans get finalized I’ll drop you a PM and hopefully we can meet again.

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