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Here are the numbers I promised ;):

From 07/16/2017 to 09/13/2018, about 140 hippuridit rudist specimens were found in the scree slope of "Point 25", the sweetest of all spots in St. Bartholomä. The species distribution is (approximate numbers, with examples):

Hippurites colliciatus: 80 (with 140 individuals – many pseudocolonies!) - F, G, H, J

Hippurites nabresinensis: 10 - I and possibly K

Vaccinites vesiculosus: 25 - A, B

Vaccinites alpinus: 10 - C

Vaccinites cf. sulcatus: 5 - D, E

Vaccinites sp.: 10 (no pillars visible, but to nice to be cut, or partial specimens)


Polished traverse sections of hippuritid rudists found at "Point 25" from 01/20/2018 to 03/23/2018:



Only hippuritids in this spot? No, during the same period, about 200 radiolitid rudists were also found, giving a total of about 340 rudist specimens from this spot. Thats about 70% of all rudists found in the St. Bartholomä-formation during my hunting and digging trips from 05/07/2017 to 09/13/2018. Ah, and about 10 coral colonies ware also found at "Point 25"...


It is difficult to estimate how many rudists are still waiting in the scree there. Judging from

- the amount of material already removed and dumped (about 3-4 m3),

- the distribution of fossiliferous limestone and other rocks in the scree slope (about 1:2, but highly variable), and

- considering the amount of „Knödelbrekzie“ that seems to be missing in the outcrop (and now lying in the scree),

I will try to make an estimate of 200 to 500 rudists that are still there to be found.


Now I am stopping!

Thanks for your patience!
Franz Bernhard


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