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  • "Dragon" Skull





    Kingdom: n/a
    Phylum: n/a
    Class: n/a
    Order: n/a
    Family: n/a
    Genus: n/a
    Species: n/a

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Paleozoic
    Period: Silurian
    Epoch: Late


    Iron Hill Pluton


    Collector: me
    Date Collected: 08/01/2007
    Acquired by: Field Collection


    Iron Hill Park
    New Castle County
    United States


    Limonite is a type of iron-rich mineral found in igneous formations. It was once used as a source of iron ore and in Delaware was mined for the purpose for two centuries. Limonite tends to form with vugs of easily-weathered minerals, including druse quartz, which leave behind gaping holes and slots.  It is easy to picture skulls and other bones in these rocks, whether freshly fractured or stream-worn. This one always reminded me of a dragon skull.

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