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  2. Ascocystites drabowensis

    Thanks, peeps. @KOI Ascocystites is rarer than Scyphocrinites here, so you've done alright, I reckon.
  3. Hipposyngnathus neriticus Jerzmanska, 1968

    Amazing specimen. Absolute beauty.
  4. Vinciguerria orientalis NAM, KO & NAZARKIN, 2019

    Nice and rare fish - thanks for showing. Congrats. Thomas
  5. Ascocystites drabowensis

    Thanks, Randyw. Clearly, I should not put my trust in online vendors for correct identification of fossils they sell.
  6. Ascocystites drabowensis

    Sorry KOI but they are definitely not Scyphocrinites. The photo I’m attaching is a Scyphocrinites. Tidgys dads I’d is correct.
  7. Ascocystites drabowensis

    Thanks for sharing. I recently acquired similar plate for my collection but it was identified as "Scyphocrinites CRINOID Fossils from Morocco 488 Million Years Old".
  8. Notogoneus longiceps v. Meyer, 1851

    Thanks, RJB, but I'd rather have found a big Noto too. I haven't found a specimen larger than 10cm from this location yet - just fry.
  9. Notogoneus longiceps v. Meyer, 1851

    Beautiful little Noto. Im working on a large one at the moment. RB
  10. Piscivore Coprolite

    Unfortunately they’re not accessible until next week as we’re having a marathon decorating project. When I can I’ll photograph the best specimen and upload it. I’m not sure if anything is identifiable though.
  11. Piscivore Coprolite

    very well preserved fish bones in these. Any possible ID in the fish that was eaten?
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