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  3. Margaritaria abrupta

    Thank you!
  4. Margaritaria abrupta

    Thanks Ricardo. I have several other Bivalvia from the same location posted here in collections, and more to come.
  5. Margaritaria abrupta

    That's a great specimen! Pliocene Bivalvia is my main interest, so thank you for show this one.
  6. Semionotus cf. tenuiceps (AGASSIZ 1835)

    @oilshale I don't know if you have this one: This is another paper that mentions and illustrates Semionotus tenuiceps. TOWARD THE PHYLOGENY OF A FOSSIL SPECIES FLOCK : SEMIONOTID FISHES FROM A LAKE DEPOSIT IN THE EARLY JURASSIC TOWACO FORMATION , NEWARK BASIN - AMY REED MCCUNE. 1987
  7. Raphiophorus sandfordi, Edgecombe & Sherwin, 2001

    Thanks, Dan.
  8. Raphiophorus sandfordi, Edgecombe & Sherwin, 2001

    @Fossildude19 Hello I have been taking some more photos of this specimen and think I have got some that are less blurry. I will try and upload them soon
  9. Raphiophorus sandfordi, Edgecombe & Sherwin, 2001

    @DanKurek Any chance of a better set of pictures on this, Dan?
  10. Properca angusta AGASSIZ, 1843

  11. Raphiophorus sandfordi, Edgecombe & Sherwin, 2001

    Thats great, congratulations.
  12. Raphiophorus sandfordi, Edgecombe & Sherwin, 2001

    @Foozil Hi Izak! Yes I did find this on the trip with the club up to Forbes. It was actually the first trilobite I found on the trip. I was searching through some scrap piles and just saw it last lying there
  13. Raphiophorus sandfordi, Edgecombe & Sherwin, 2001

    Did you find this??? Complete specimens are insanely rare, and I haven't come across any material from them after 6-7 times going there...
  14. Carcharodontosaurid tooth

    Very nice tooth! A large one and has some very nice enamel and serrations, congrats
  15. Coroniceras longidomus (Quenstedt 1883)

    A real stunner!
  16. Spinamacropyge daliensis ZHU, 2005

    Correct - thanks for the other two references. I have listed Zhu 2016 only as a general reference to the Guole (Sandu formation) site. Also interesting: http://trilobites.1fr1.net/t2257-chine-formation-de-sandu-gisement-d-hewen-guole
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