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  3. Tyrannosauroidea indet.

    Thank you Frank and for the assistance in revising this ID, after I took the time to take more and better pictures.
  4. Stigmaria ficoides

    Yes, or Sigillaria. Any Lycopod had roots like this.
  5. Stigmaria ficoides

    What a beautiful specimen! Scale trees were lepidodendron, correct?
  6. Acer angustilobum HEER, 1859 sensu Pax

    Thanks. My visit was 8 years ago. A coworker at the museum in Wangen told me that plant fossils had been found in the Bohlinger Schlucht, so I just went exploring and discovered one of the exposures myself with no previous knowledge other than a rough stratigraphical map. Now that I see that there were other digs along the ravine, I may just go back there for another peek. The Schienerberg is only about an hour's drive away from my hometown Überlingen.
  7. Acer angustilobum HEER, 1859 sensu Pax

    Hallo Roger, ich war vor etwa 50 Jahren dort. Ich wollte immer mal wieder da hin, hab es aber nie geschafft. Viel Spaß beim Lesen! LG Thomas
  8. Acer angustilobum HEER, 1859 sensu Pax

    Hi Thomas. Ich habe selber einige Pflanzen Fossilien aus ein von dieser Fundstellen und freue mich jetzt Handkes Diplomarbeit durchzulesen. LG, Roger
  9. Orophocrinus saltensis

    Excellent example of an uncommon species! Don
  10. Otozamites brevifolius FR. BRAUN, 1843

    That looks very familiar to me, Thomas. That is a nice example. Great change from the black on gray examples I generally find.
  11. Peniculauris bassi

    Yum yum. I love the Permian productids, quite splendid.
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