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Dinosaur Eggs

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One of my favorite fossil types; dinosaur eggs come in all shapes and sizes — from an oval as small as a thumb, to a sphere as big as a basketball. These fossils are often faked by the hundreds, if not thousands, in Chinese factories(China is also the world's richest source of true dinosaur eggs). However, there are also many natural-occurring objects mistaken as dinosaur eggs such as concretions or even fortuitously-shaped rocks. Despite these hurdles, dinosaur eggs remain one of the most desirable of all fossils.

In extraordinary cases, the mother dinosaur can even be found; one such example is the famous Oviraptor of Mongolia lying next to its nest. Unless the embryo can be found however, it is next to impossible to truly identify the dinosaur species, hence dinosaur eggs have their own classification system based on the structure of the eggshell viewed under a microscope.
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