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Bottle cap imprint, shell or something else?

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Hey guys new member here, hoped to get information if found my first fossil or just a bottle cap imprint:s, found in lithuania, vilnius city region in open field 





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Tidgy's Dad

It is a fossil, the edge of the calyx of a solitary, rugose, 'horn' coral, I think. 

Hello, and a very warm welcome to TFF from Morocco. :)

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Rugose corals went extinct in the end Permian extinction. That would make it at least 250 million years old. It's likely older, but I have no knowledge of the rocks found in that area. 

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There appeares to be some sort of shapes from other side of the rock - maybe its worth removing some of the rock?.. 


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I think perhaps the most effective method might be a good sharp blow with a hammer. Shield your eyes first though.

Things like this tend to break along the surface of fossils. The method does require some tolerance for pieces however. 

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