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Selecting Beach Rocks and Micro Fossils For ID

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This is a completely new area of interest for me, but I find scanning for microfossils addictive.  I got some vinegar and plan on processing some beach rocks (East Central Florida) that I picked up because I could see easily see some small fossils on the surface and assumed there would also be micro fossils inside.  I crushed a few small samples, which did reveal more microfossils.  Mostly what I could identify are broken bits of bones, but I'm sure there is much more that I'm missing. 


There is one object I found very interesting and beautiful, however I don't know what it is.  I would like to know what you think the first object might be.  That object is still attached to the matrix.  The other object I found in the same sample.  Both were revealed after breaking the sample.  


The first item is about 1/8th inch long but very narrow, and from some angles appears to be a hollow tube.   




The next object appears to be bone and is only about 2.5 mm wide and long.













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The banding makes me thing mollusks shell. Would need to see more angles but the limited depth-of-field makes images difficult to see. Photographing tiny objects is a constant challenge. If you have the ability to vary the focal point of your photos you may wish to check into focus-stacking software to combine multiple images into a single image with a greater depth of field. There are several makers of software you can buy and several freeware versions.






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Adding to the difficulty is the fact that I haven't attempted to remove it from the matrix yet, which limits the angles.  I haven't yet tried the vinegar, as I was hoping to get a handle on which rocks might be worth dissolving.  I'm sure some are much better than others, but at this point, I don't have enough knowledge to evaluate.  


Will look into image stacking software.    Thanks.

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