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Jame Stuart

Miscellaneous shark teeth from Calvert Cliffs

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Jame Stuart

Dear TFF members,


Ive taken a photo of all the shark teeth that I am having trouble identifying. Could anyone help point out if I got any ID's wrong? These were all found at Calvert Cliffs, MD. Top 3 rows near Choptank and St Marys Formation and bottom half underneath Calvert Formation.


1. Snaggletooth (serrations are similar on both, the first one has a strange enamel color)

2. First two are white sharks, probably plicatilis? Third, I have no clue

3. Requiem shark tooth (just suspicious because I've never found a tooth in the area with that color)

4. Posterior tiger shark teeth

5. Worn down tiger shark?

6. Snaggletooth front tooth piece

7. Cow shark (is this pathological? ive found a couple of other cow shark teeth and none of them have opposing edges)


Thanks for the help,




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1. Agree with Hemipristis serra (snaggletooth) -- the first one looks like the enamel may be worn down/away in the middle which accounts for the coloring.

2. Third one looks like Carcharodon hastalis (extinct white). The first one probably is as well. I can't tell on the second.

3. Hard to see from the photo, but Carcharhinus sp. (requieum) looks correct; the color isn't a problem/isn't diagnostic of species.

4. Agree with Galeocerdo aduncus (tiger).

5. These look like Physogaleus contortus ("tiger-like shark").

6. Hard to see from the photo, but Hemipristis serra could be correct.

7. This looks like a cow shark (I think Notorynchus cepedianus but others should be able to confirm for you) lower symphyseal tooth -- that's a great/rare find!

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