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I was recently reorganizing my fossil collection and thought I would share some pieces I collected during Paleontology field trips in undergrad at Alabama. I'm glad I took thorough notes at the time!


The demopolis chalk is a popular formation for finding Exogyra/ostrea/pycnodonte shells and shark teeth. We visited a site in Tupelo, MS many times for surface collecting. Some of the cool pieces I found were many fragments of a mosasaur jaw (top pic, top 2 slots), a Squalicorax kaupi tooth, a scyliorhinus(?) tooth, bony fish vertebrae, and bony fish teeth. I was told the dark fossils at the right of the third picture might be ray plates, but I'm not sure. Turritella in pic 1 are from a different formation.




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The Coon Creek Formation was another popular formation we visited in Blue Springs, MS. More varieties of marine/coastal fossils: bivalves, gastropods (including the Turritella in the post above), some shark teeth, and LOTS of crab pieces (pic 1). This is where I found my two mostly complete crab fossils (pics 2 and 3) and a shrimp/crayfish head. Any advice on how to clean/prep the crabs to see them better? The material is very sandy clay, fairly lithified.




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Here are some mid-Ordivician graptolites collected from an Athens Shale outcrop in Pratt's Ferry, AL.



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Finally, my favorite find from the Mississippian Bangor Limestone at the Cedar Creek Reservoir in Alabama. There is so much fossiliferous limestone along the banks of the reservoir, lots of crinoids, bryozoans, some shark teeth, but my favorite find was this little trilobite segment. I'm sad it wasn't whole, but still a cool find :3


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It's very nice to revisit these old schooldays field trips. 

I'm looking at some of my Wenlock stuff at the moment. 

Happy memories! :b_love1:

Thanks for sharing yours.:)

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Very nice! 

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