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Ukrainian actinolepid placoderm ID


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Hello everyone!

I have recently purchased this skull roof from an actinolepid placoderm from the lower Devonian of Ukraine,

The fossil was labelled as Kujdanowiaspis, but there is also a closely related genus found there called Erikaspis.

I have been looking at several papers to try and see what distinguishes the two and if it is possible to tell what mine is but right now I am not sure.

Any help identifying the genus and even species if possible would be great,

Thank you



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5 minutes ago, Tidgy's Dad said:

Very nice purchase. :)

Thank you,

I was really excited to find it and purchase it.

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I don’t have much experience with placoderms, so I’m not sure if I can be of help. Hopefully you get an ID!

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I have done a bit more prep on this piece and have been successful in exposing some more fish remains around the skull. I am stopping here for now but maybe I will return to it eventually as there are still things to be uncovered in this matrix.


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