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Part II potential iniopterygian "What is it and What do I do next"

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So, with the help and astute observations of LabRatKing and JDP, my "what is it" this may be an individual of Iniopterygiformes a chondricthyes/cartilagenous shark which resembles a modern day flying fish WAY COOL!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!.. I am contacting pros who would have a much better idea and may be able to reveal more of the animal. I have radiographed it this morning, and maaayybbee I am seeing one of the "horns" depicted in paleo artist Ray Troll's painting?? at 12:00? There are other interesting "items" in the shale at 11:00, 2:00 NS 4:00 as well. I've contacted the KU field museum to get confirmation of the fossil, but is there a way to expose the rest?. I would imagine there is? but i am in no way prepared to try. Here's the pictures and radiograph. The cone shaped item is in the shale- not on it, under it, etc. , or is it nothing??.......Thoughts or suggestions appreciated!!!    Bone









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