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Best day yet on the creek!

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This is from a two day trip to the same creek. The first trip I found some clues that there may be big teeth here due to the large ray plates I found (the first day was mostly rays so you can tell them apart kinda). I found a few small shark teeth and I called it a day.70221611-5F0D-429A-BED9-EB60A4AD2914.thumb.jpeg.6e6b5d19ed9543acee76da8078a2babf.jpeg The next morning, I set out for the creek yet again and I knew I made a good decision because I was going to explore a new place. Sometimes it’s good to explore something uncharted another day. I found a lot of teeth including this beauty 9457098E-C415-4C8A-9B50-BBE50E25F58B.jpeg.7e69bbaeaf644626e6dd49266dbfd2b1.jpeg7F34922F-1A34-4B3C-BA37-356624B3F08E.jpeg.511d8c4a3dfdc49728533a4fc959897f.jpegthat tooth was absolutely flawless and came right out the formation. I found a lot more shark teeth among side it while sifting and a couple small fish vertebrae which are cool because you can’t get them with the 1/4 inch mesh. BAC436D0-DA18-45A0-8EFC-9BCE46BA1C9D.jpeg.ece033c3d1b7a24e5ffc46ba5fec33f7.jpegI also found a nice piece of otodus that is pathological and would have been wicked if it was complete. 6B81B0B1-4BC2-429F-A0C2-224DE9062CCA.jpeg.3bffb0dafaa16ba509a10e717301c7dc.jpeg941D129D-C000-47CF-87C8-3384CF1D333E.jpeg.5962843033d1322c8f0e1d924487ed3d.jpegthe backside here is where it shows it’s deformities. It looks broken but I’m further inspection the enamel is still there but the tooth itself is real jacked up. I also found a large shark vertebra and a piece of reptile bone since whales didn’t exist in this time period yet. 899C0C4B-1B4F-4B7F-BD66-5B636C318FD6.jpeg.e359d9ae65aa9b5378bd05553b0ad999.jpegCC565062-4F3C-40B1-9CBD-3750E7445DCB.jpeg.d780a7be6ec984ea53163ee67582c899.jpeg9D2F20B8-96C7-475F-B35B-D5271354C7A0.jpeg.f3cfa2e21c14b7c26e67a72fe87a4d5f.jpegF7B8415B-4C2F-41E8-B7DE-83AA4328A083.jpeg.65dffd2010cf666c61d010813ba38402.jpeg3A9F79DD-3540-4D84-BAFE-C47C69CFBB7C.jpeg.2372f78644848b9ef86256b16021d421.jpegThis is all the stuff, including some petrified wood from the Cretaceous formation. I hope you guys enjoyed it! I hope to one day find a nice complete rib or maybe even a skull there.

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Thecosmilia Trichitoma

So, is there a Cretaceous formation eroding next to the Paleocene Aquia Formation?

10 minutes ago, Fossil_teenager said:

Cretaceous formation.


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Jeffrey P

Nice Aquia finds. You found a good spot. Also good to see some Cretaceous petrified wood from the East Coast. 

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