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Fossil Lycophytes from Texas

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Hey Everyone, 


I need some help. Still not sure but think this might be a fossil piece of Lycophytes or similar species. Found North Sulfur River in Delta County, Tx about two weeks ago. I cannot find anything online that shows that this species or similar was in Tx. My web hunting skills are not the best in the world though. :headscratch:


Any responses are greatly appreciated.



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Sorry, but I think it represents a geologic structure rather than a fossil. The contrast in appearance between the two sides may suggest a nonconformity. That is a time when the sedimentary record was interrupted by some change in the environment. 


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I dont know what it is--I am curious about the lycophyte guess and its basis...As Rockwood suggests it could be geologic but the one side does also seem to have an odd badly preserved palm/cycadioid trunk fragment look to it. Has any other plant material been found in the area?  There appears to be some interesting very fine laminations/layering in the one area that I highlited with the red arrow that may or may not hold a clue. Hoping some of the Texas folks will chime in with some local knowledge. Interesting find!


Regards, Chris  

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Guess, and just that, was from my YouTube posting of this piece. There is a better look at it there along with description. Smooth on one side with a curve and, well, you see the other side.


I am not sure about any other plant material other than smaller pieces of petrified wood. That is why I am posting here. :)

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