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How do you display your fossils?

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Big Mac boi

So I was wondering what's the best position to display all my fossils so before I buy the equipment to display my fossils I just wanted to see your designs at displaying them

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I just use book cases, but you can also use shelves and/or display cabinets. These would be the cheapest ways in my opinoin. And you can even build book cases without much experience in carpentry (this would save a lot of money).

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My displays are usually a complete mess, but here are two of the shelves that I managed to clean up. Shelves with stands is a good way to go. Riker cases are also very good for displaying materials. 




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 Really depends on what fossils you have and what you want to do with them?  I hang fish onto walls and put other fossils into glass display cabinets and even some just sittin on my office desk. 







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