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First I want to say hi to everyone! Been picking up rocks and poking around in hillsides since I was a kid. Until recently I mostly had no idea what I was looking at.. but I’ve always been really good at finding goodies. 
With that, I’d like to share some things I’ve found in the last couple of weeks! 










There is a quarter on there somewhere! This is one of the smaller plates that have washed out. 

This is not Sugar Creek. The creek was high from the recent rain, but the last time I was on the other side, that shelf is absolutely packed with goodies. About 100 yards downstream there are hash plates the size of a small car that have fallen into the water off of a ledge. 

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Lone Hunter

Nice crinoids! Wish I knew what the first and last fossils are, you should post this in fossil ID if you don't know either.

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Tidgy's Dad

Hello, and a very warm welcome to TFF from Morocco. :)

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I'm tempted to call the first a branching bryozoan and the last one very reminiscent of a rostroconch.

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Rob Russell

 Nice finds! I’ve hunted the Indian river down there many times. I was actually born in Cville.  Welcome to the forum!

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