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Utah - Dinos (Raptor + ?)


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Hello All!


Found a pocket of dino in the Moab area of Utah. I'm confident one is a raptor, but I may be wrong. The other I am not sure about. For reference, they were right around the corner from each other in the same pocket.


Just a note - these are WAY off the beaten path in an area very few people would be able to get to. Quite frankly I was surprised to find them in this material as opposed to conglomerate like most of my other finds. 


Thanks in advance for your help!


Raptor (?) - The whole thing was there down to the tail, but I am still working on pulling those pics of my other device.


20210522_131430.thumb.jpg.881725a43053281f0fa3a2d6c1f08b0f.jpg'  20210522_132507.thumb.jpg.20745098d03face1d23a963a0fafbe7e.jpg






20210522_132652.thumb.jpg.c5d9f08609b3c26d0e8c05cc74906426.jpg  20210522_132702.thumb.jpg.08ebd741374dcdaf89b0dc94525e5084.jpg  20210522_132953.thumb.jpg.308613114efe67e56ca5628bae6315da.jpg



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Intriguing.  Bones in cross section can be very touugh to ID.  I had to do a double take... the latter photos look more concretionary, but the early photos (your possible raptor) look more bone-ish.  I am judging by shape alone... as it is hard to see texture.   I assume these are in the Morrison Fm or something similar in age.  Raptors are not common, but sauropods are.  Sauropod verts have all sorts of structures that can be interpereted as hollow (i.e. theropodian).  What makes you think theropod?  

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Here are some additional close-ups. What stood out to me was the quality of the vertebra. Other parts of the specimen were spread out. The ribs were clearly distinguishable, but those photos are still on my other device. I hope to get those uploaded today.







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These were in Utah - more specifically "around" Green River. I have two universities that are interested in the site as we have located several (6+) complete skeletons on a prior survey. These last two caught us off guard as they are in an area and material not consistent with previous findings. These new findings have not yet been disclosed. So, you all are getting the first crack at it!


The guess at therapod, stems from a UtahRaptor we located about three miles from this site that was positively identified by a paleo. Not pictured in these photos is a distinctive curved claw, which had become naturally dislodged and was in a section (wash area) on the ground.


As an aside for the board - We do not take anything we find. We document, seal and secure, and leave the real work to the professionals. These specimens are VERY fragile!


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Well folks - the SD card from the camera appears to be corrupted. I am planning a trip back out there again soon, so I will take more pictures then. I will be using a A7SIII on this next trip with some GMaster lenses, so the quality will be much better.

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