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A couple Horsethief Canyon, AB fossils


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Hi all, observed a few fossils in Horsethief Canyon on a hike the other day, not sure what they are. One looks like a long bone, and the other maybe a squished skull with some other bones mashed in? Using my technically advanced shoe as a reference, long bone was maybe 25cm long, 10cm at widest, "skull" was maybe 25cm across at widest point. I know its hard to tell, but I'm new so not sure what layer I was in, but my watch said ~730m elevation if that means anything to anyone for the locality. A couple photos of two fossilized stumps and a shot of the Canyon for a bonus. Was a super fun day hiking around, thanks for your input! ****edit**** first pic displayed is the underside of the long bone, last is the top of it.....







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I see pieces of petrified wood (#2, #3, #5) but I don't see any bone here.

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