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Wilkingia Vs Allorisma Clams

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I found this clam in the Pennsylvanian, Winterset limestone of Kansas City, Jackson county Missouri. Found in a spot I had previously not been to but a spot I will definatly go back to! As a matter of fact, I will swing by there on the way home from work today and take some pictures of the cut! It is a massive exposure and Missourian tells me it is a complete section of the Winterset. I like this little clam because it is not the usual dirty brown and yellow color of most of my finds in the Winterset.

pic1 post-7046-0-29011500-1327006047_thumb.jpg pic2 post-7046-0-49272500-1327006071_thumb.jpg

pic3 post-7046-0-66425200-1327006085_thumb.jpg pic4 post-7046-0-26681200-1327006126_thumb.jpg

I was having a bit of trouble ID'ing it and Missourian helped me out and suggested Wilkingia, but also mentioning Allorisma. I was stumped because the only Wilkingia I have in my collection I found a couple months ago and posted in this thread...


As you can see the one I found a couple months ago is much larger and the two don't really look alike but I done a quick image search on google and the Allorisma on the other hand looks quite like this new example. Anyways, just thought it was a really nice little fossil and I wanted to share! :)

Thanks Missourian for the ID on the fossil and the help with the strata set! :) and thanks everybody for looking at my clam! ;)

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Heh, I was googling for the same question, and your thread came up.

This publication also came up, which seems to answer the question:


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