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Multi Teeth Id's


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Does anyone know what creature these teeth belonged to? I found the first one about a year ago and I found the second one two days ago, and I think they came from the same animal. I am pretty sure a whale but I have no idea what kind.



These are the first teeth of this kind I have found, Im pretty sure mammal k-9. maybe seal?


Last, could someone confirm that this is a hubble meg tooth.

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The first two teeth are whale. The other two teeth are either crocodile or alligator. I agree, the last tooth is a hubble.

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There are three reasons why I think they are not croc teeth.

Here is a croc tooth on the right and the tooth I found on the left. At first glance the do look round the same general size and shape.


1.)But look at the cross section of the same two teeth, the croc tooth has much thinner edges.


2.)Im not 100% sure on this but I remember hearing about how mammal k-9's have a sharp edge or edges, and i noticed my dogs teeth are like this as well. Look at the tooth I found compared to the croc tooth and notice the two distinct sharp edges.


This is a rotation of the croc tooth from right to left 3 pictures, all the edges are more or less smooth with no sharp sides.


3.)last when comparing one of the whale teeth above in cross sectional view to the suspected k-9, they look very similar, more so than the croc tooth at least.


the same goes for the other tooth it also has sharp edges.

*also I pretty much already knew teeth in the first two pictures were whale, but I was wondering if someone knew the species or had more detailed information on it besides just its a whale.

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Ok that is exactly what the second tooth cross section looks like, looks like I was incorrect Croc it is! thanks to everyone for that ID. :goodjob:

my other croc tooth might be more worn down and may be a smaller tooth over.

but still, any whale info?

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