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Knippa, Texas

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MilesofTx    0

Any fossils in KNIPPA, TEXAS? My Dad says they are not even any rocks on his lease. They are close to the Frio however.If there are fossils here, would they be activly hunted by clubs in this area?


Uvalde County, Texas Hill Country

US Hwy 90, FM 1049

11 miles East of Uvalde

11 miles West of Sabinal

On the Rio Frio

Population: 360



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tracer    40

well, there's the knippa traprock quarry, which mines basalt from an extinct volcano. i know there's at least one del rio formation exposure near there. some school has a good study guide online of a field trip they do out that way. google uvalde + volcano and see if you find it. i think there's other fossil stuff out that way but nobody's told me of any specific locations and wandering around that area isn't too exciting if you don't know where you're going. there's a giant sporting goods store in uvalde on the east side of town that also is a restaurant inside the store. that place is totally cool. you need to go there and eat good barbeque.

all in all, i think the bandera area would be much better for you. but now, if you go during the right time of year and go to garner state park too and hang out in the frio river, that's starting to be a vacation.

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jkfoam    82


I don't have my Geologic map of texas in front of me but I would really be surprised if I could not find a rock in Knippa, Tx. If memory serves me the K-T boundary (Cretaceous- Tertiary) runs through Uvalde County in a east-West direction. If there are no fossils in Knippa then they are close. If I were you I would go to the Bureau of Economic Geology (U of Texas) website and get some geologic maps of Uvalde County. That could help. Any of the Cretaceous exposures should have some fossils in them. The Paleocene and Eocene exposures can run from no fossils to the mother lode of fossils.


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Pedernales78    0

I live in Uvalde and I go to the Dry Frio River everyday about 4 miles from Knippa.  There are more fossils than you could possibly imagine.  We need a good flood to come through and turn up alot of the goodies.  One of the most common fossils to find on the Frio is the oyster.  Lots of them but you've gotta have a good eye for them or you'll pass them up.  The flint has an amber look to it with a white crust or film forming.  Here's the oyster I found.


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