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Meteor Impact Possible Special Harbinger Of Ice Age Mammals' Demise?


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A groundbreaking article that could provide a fresh new explanation for the extinction of the Ice Age megafauna......


With debate still ongoing over why the Ice Age mammals went extinct, the possible discovery of the remnants of an extraterrestrial object in Canada dating back 13,000 years ago may bolster the opinions of scientists who believe that the cavemen weren't totally responsible for the extinction of the imperial mammoths, the ground sloths, and the saber-toothed cats. If an extraterrestrial impact in Canada triggered climate change at the end of the Ice Age, then it may have been a Chicxulub moment for the wooly mammoths, the saber-toothed cats, and the ground sloths.

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A recent National Geographic review of the controversy is:''

Did a Comet Really Kill the Mammoths 12,900 Years Ago?

by Robert Kunzig, National Geographic, September 10, 2013


An interesting poster is "Problems with the Younger Dryas

Boundary (YDB) Impact Hypothesis" by Mark Boslough

at http://est.sandia.gov/earth/docs/boslough-agu-younger-dryas.pdf . Also, there is the

"The Younger Dryas," NOAA, at http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/abrupt/data4.html

Finally, look at the paper in "Paper About Using Exterrestrial

Impacts To Explain Mass Extinctions" at http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/40729-paper-about-using-exterrestrial-impacts-to-explain-mass-extinctions/


Paul H.

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An additional article about this hypothesis is:

Evidence found for planet-cooling asteroid Clue to

impact in Quebec fuels debate about cause of one of

Earth’s big freezes by Nicola Jones, September 2, 2013


It explains why a significant number of the papers that

support this hypothesis have appeared in the

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences


Paul H.

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