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@Ludwigia Very Neat!

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Recently a little package arrived in the mail containing these goodies!


First up is some Apophyilite and Stilbite crystals on matrix from Pune India.



Some Light pink Dolomite crystals on matrix from Westchester County, New York.



The seller was also nice enough to include some nice hematized ammonites from Morocco. A lot of them show clear sutures, I wonder if they’re good enough to be diagnostic?


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Thanks, @Ludwigia!

It looks like that they arrived safely! I was especially concerned of the bi-valved Acanthocardia, still with some spines attached to it.


Here is the key to the specimens that are not from Fuggaberg-3. These are not many. Everything else was collected 03/11/2020 at Fuggaberg-3. He got nearly the complete haul of this short visit. The two Crassostrea specimens fit together.

Franz Bernhard

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