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And the cigar goes to?

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Cigar tube was just the right size for the mornings finds.

Contains 112 teeth and pieces.

Post Oak creek, three hours of finding and explaining to "others" how to find.

Nice place to do the booty scoot, you sure find some tiny stuff.

Screening gets the bigger stuff but allows the tiny stuff to filter through.


Contains: Ptychodus whipplei, Cretolamna Appendiculata, Scapanorhynchus Texanus, Squalicorax Kaupi.


It will wind up going as a gift.

I'll get back with some other recent finds from around my part of local Texas.


Jess B.




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Sweet.  I have several jars that I've found out there filled with teeth I've also found out at POC.  Makes for a good conversation/display piece.


I really need to invest in a good sifter or make one.  I currently use a spaghetti strainer but I would like something that I can move more material through.

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