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A Superb Miocene Insect Preserved On Shale

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Here's one I ran across the other day,


Simply put, this is one of the most aesthetically attractive fossil insects preserved on shale I have ever seen. A practically perfect specimen in superb condition.


And excellently photographed by a museum technician. It's from what they're calling the Miocene Savage Canyon Formation, Nevada. Some quick research disclosed that, unfortunately, it's from a locality that is no longer accessible to the general public.


Somebody more experienced with matters entomological will perhaps recognize just what exactly the bug is: R E L A X, folks--I fully understand that technically speaking it's not a true bug, of course. Looks dipteran, obviously. 


The photograph is from a web page over at http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?enlarge=0000+0000+1215+1242 .





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Nice fossil. :) 


It's times like these, though, ... that I really miss @AgrilusHunter.   :( 


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A very nice 'bug' indeed! 



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