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810 Million-year-old Hydroxyapatite Biomineralization

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Single-celled eukaryote fossil with evidence of mineralizing

found in Yukon by Bob Yirka, June 29, 2017



Precursor of teeth and bones discovered in 810-million-year

old fossils. Single-celled fossils found in Canada show the

earliest evidence of a tissue-hardening process known as

biomineralisation, writes Andrew Masterson, Cosmos.



The paper is:


Cohen, P. A., J. V. Strauss, A. D. Rooney, M. Sharma, and

N. Tosca, 2017, Controlled hydroxyapatite biomineralization

in an ~810 million-year-old unicellular eukaryote. Science

Advances. Vol. 3, no. 6, e1700095. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700095




Paul H.

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Thanks Paul ,for upping the quota on Neoproterozoic posts

"Precursor of teeth"?

sounds tantalizing,indeed!

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