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Did humans domesticate dogs once, or twice?

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Prehistoric fossils suggest modern dogs evolved

from a single population of wolves

Did humans domesticate dogs once, or twice?

by Rachel Becker, the Verge, Jul 18, 2017




The papers are:


Frantz, L.A., Mullin, V.E., Pionnier-Capitan, M., Lebrasseur,

O., Ollivier, M., Perri, A., Linderholm, A., Mattiangeli, V.,

Teasdale, M.D., Dimopoulos, E.A. and Tresset, A., 2016.

Genomic and archaeological evidence suggest a dual

origin of domestic dogs. Science, 352(6290), pp.1228-1231.




Botigue, L., Song, S., Scheu, A., Gopalan, S., Pendleton, A.,

Oetjens, M., Taravella, A., Seregély, T., Zeeb-Lanz, A.,

Arbogast, R.M. and Bobo, D., 2016. Ancient European

dog genomes reveal continuity since the early Neolithic.

Biorxiv, p.068189.







Paul H.

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