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First Sunday Dinotrack Public Tours, El Paso, Texas - Mount Cristo Rey, New Mexico

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See El Paso dinosaur tracks in public tour this Sunday

El Paso 411, January 5, 2018




Note: January 7, 2018 tour is now full.


Next tour is February 4, 2018. Go see El Paso Science Center, Inc. at



The Dinosaur Tracks of Mount Cristo Rey



Insights offers dino tracks to NM

Park could be start for proposed Rio Grande Trail

By David Crowder, El Paso Inc. March 14, 2016



Related papers are:


Kappus, E. and Cornell, W.C., 2003. A new Cretaceous

dinosaur tracksite in Southern New Mexico. Paleontologia

Electronica, 6, pp. 1-6.



Kappus, E.J., Lucas, S.G. and Langford, R., 2011.

The Cerro de Cristo Rey Cretaceous dinosaur tracksites,

Sunland Park, New Mexico, USA, and Chihuahua, Mexico.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, 53,

 pp. 272-288.





Paul H.

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