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I've just got back from a collecting trip up to Hamstead Ledge this afternoon and came across a fairly rare find that I was hoping someone may be able to help with. It's the distal tarsometatarsus of bird found ex-situ on the foreshore. Bird material from the Bouldnor Fm. tends to be quite rare and this is the first piece I've actually ever come across so was really excited to find it! I was wondering if there were any diagnostic features on the specimen that would be able to take the ID further than "Aves indet.". If anyone has any knowledge of bird material then I'd really appreciate their help (what I have noticed is the trochlea are fairly evenly spaced but didn't know if that indicated anything). 


Thank you, 




The specimen measures 1.9cm in length and 1.5cm across at it's widest point. 










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Tidgy's Dad

I can't help with bird ids, but that's a great find! 

Congratulations. :)

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There is a long list of those we can rule out, but there is not enough to create certainty.

I can say that there are morphological features present that are consistent with the order Pelicaniformes, which is a fairly ancient lineage.

Look to see whether, in that formation, any of the birds listed are in that order.

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@Auspex The avian fauna includes the following taxa (as a far as I can find in the very limited literature online, so there may be more)









Although based on the paleoenvironment of a low-lying coastal plain with wetlands etc. I don't think it would be out of the question that pelicaniformes could be found here. 

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