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Tidgy's Dad
6 hours ago, Harry Pristis said:


Well, something is working in Morocco.  I got a cash advance on a credit card in Erfoud -- $5,000US in dirhams -- at a small bank.  There was a long, curving line of local men (of course, men) watching the cashier count out the cash.  I was a bit apprehensive, but never felt actually unsafe walking around with all that cash.  (I did the same thing in Georgetown, Guyana, in a more private setting, and I was very, very nervous.  But then, I never felt safe in Guyana.)




People may 'rob' tourists by overcharging, cheating and lying , but actual robberies of serious stuff or lots of money are very rare indeed, the police response to an attack on a foreigner is much, much more intensive and the punishments more severe than if they rob a Moroccan. 

I had a phone stolen by kids, but that's all in 13 years, wifey wanders alone through the town, even in the dark and i am not worried, which I would be if we were in the UK (or the USA, I think). 

Nowhere's 100% safe, but it's fairly safe here. :)

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Sorry to hear. I know I'd be livid if it were me. I've had items stolen from the back of my jeep once because the locks were busted on the trunk. I know that familiar sting all too well. 

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