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Fossil tooth


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Hi, found today on the Fossil beach in Victoria, Australia, fossil tooth and a rock with imprint. Tooth size is around 2 cm. Whose tooth could it be? And is it imprint of fish fin or some plant in the rock?Thanks 

2018-07-15 23.11.21.jpg

2018-07-15 23.10.19.jpg

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Welcome to the Forum:)


The tooth is from a shark, but is well wave-worn and will be guesswork to identify to species.
The imprint looks to be a sea shell; scallop or some such.

The fossils on that beach are 10-15 million years old, mid- to late-Miocene.

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Welcome to the Forum. :) 


+1 for shark tooth and shell imprint.

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Thank you guys, it's our first find so my son was eager to find out what is it. My son is crazy about dinosaurs and fossils so we spend our weekends either in the fossil shops or on the beach looking for fossils. ) 

We also found many echinoids on the Beaumaris beach in Victoria, does anybody have an idea how old are they?

2018-07-16 13.32.17.jpg

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Hello @MartinPe & welcome to the forum.


   Your echinoid finds from Beaumaris are Lovenia woodsi & date to the miocene - 5 mya. As you say, these are indeed very common at this location & can easily be found as float on the shore.  The shark tooth & bivalve from Fossil beach are also miocene as @Auspex correctly notes. Teeth from this location are very rare indeed so congrats. It is badly water worn but if I was take a punt I'd say hastalis.

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Please, put the genus with the species ! A species without its genus says nothing ! We are on a forum of information and we have to make things as is proper ;)


Carcharodon (Isurus) hastalis.



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