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Near-Earth Supernovas snd Mass Extinctions

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Near-Earth Supernova Explosions

(When Stars Attack! ) In Search of 

Near-Earth Supernova Explosions

Brian Fields, KU Physics & Astronomy 

Public Talks, Published on Apr 20, 2016



Related papers are:


Breitschwerdt, D., Feige, J., Schulreich, M.M., 

de Avillez, M.A., Dettbarn, C. and Fuchs, B., 

2016. The locations of recent supernovae 

near the Sun from modelling 60 Fe transport. 

Nature, 532(7597), p. 73-78.




Fields, B.D. and Ellis, J., 1999. On deep-ocean 

60Fe as a fossil of a near-earth supernova. 

New Astronomy, 4(6), pp. 419-430.




Fry, B.J., Fields, B.D. and Ellis, J.R., 2015. 

Astrophysical shrapnel: Discriminating among 

near-earth stellar explosion sources of live 

radioactive isotopes. The Astrophysical Journal, 

800(1), 17 pp.




Wallner, A., Feige, J., Kinoshita, N., Paul, M., Fifield, 

L.K., Golser, R., Honda, M., Linnemann, U., Matsuzaki, 

H., Merchel, S. and Rugel, G., 2016. Recent near-

Earth supernovae probed by global deposition of 

interstellar radioactive 60 Fe. Nature, 532(7597), 

pp. 69-72.




Paul H.

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