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I want to sculpt an anatomically correct trex skeleton. What sources would have good images for reference?

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So I recently attempted to skulpt a trex skull out of clay based on a google image and I loved it. I'm now inspired to create the whole skeleton, but i don't know what would be best to use for reference. Can anyone recommend a textbook or online source? Ideally there would be images of each individual bone, and a detailed description because I do also wish to learn at the same time.


Also if there are any skulpters out there, what advice can you give? What would be the best way to support it's weight?


Thank you!

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Sounds like a nice projects.  The most complete Trex found around 85%, was Sue and all the bones were identified in this SVP paper.  So if you can get an online copy so for it.  

Brochu CA (2003) Osteology of Tyrannosaurus rex: insights from a nearly complete skeleton and high-resolution computed tomographic analysis of the skull. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Memoir 7: 1–138.


Scott Hartman does a great job with Skeletal reconstructions and I would point you to his site to look at his Trex.  




Sue and Stan whats missing


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There's this complete 3D scan of the T.rex Trix. Same pose as the real skeletal mount. Might be useful.

This specimen is quite complete as well. Missing pieces were copied from other specimens like Sue.

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