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Devonian Mystery Hypostome (to me)

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I found these items while working through the calcareous shale my wife and I collected from Paulding Ohio this summer.  This material is primarily from the Devonian aged Silica Shale.  I found one and didn't think too much about it, a fragment of fish/trilobite/shell or something else perhaps.  Then I found a second which looked similar and so I did some prep and was able to expose more of each piece.  These are small (those are mm's on the scale) with the biggest one being about 10mm by 12mm and the smaller one a little over half that size.  They don't look like anything I'm familiar with nor could I find any matches in numerous books or online sites.  I know  the pictures are not ideal and they are embedded in the rock, so nothing from the side or underneath (first two pictures are the same one). 


They are very dark in color like much of the trilobite material.  Oh snarge, it just dawned on me.  Are these hypostomes?  I don't think I have ever seen one before.  Maybe I answered my own question, but I typed all this already so I'm going to post it just to make sure.  Thanks, any ideas would be appreciated.


Now I see a thread from 2011, so yes, these are hypostomes, but I'm uncertain on which species it is from.  Looking for examples from Eldredgeops and Pseudodechenella since those seem to be the genera present in the Silica.

IMG_4024 (2).JPG

IMG_4027 (2).JPG

IMG_4023 (2).JPG

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This looks like a trilobite hypostome to me. 

Sorry, can't help with ID. 

The Trilobite.info site shows a phacopid hypostome that is similar, though not exact, in shape. 

Neat find.  :) 

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Sure are and nicely preserved. Find them here in NY once in awhile and they look very similar. The hypostomes I find are from Eldergeops rana. 

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