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algal mat?

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On 1/30/2019 at 6:51 PM, Innocentx said:

Hi. @ober. I wish I could've seen what you got to, under the microscopes. I also share an interest in microbially induced structures in the fossil record.

They certainly aren't the 'celebrities' among the fossils but their indispensable supporting role deserves appreciation.

Hello Innocentrx, Here are several pictures.  The first two images are scrapings from the sample at 400X magnification. The second of these images shows lots of small crystals with two shaded areas, one central and the other bottom center. The first picture shows detail of these areas. The shaded area to the right of the image and the two small blue shapes upper left are the most interesting. The biologist who looked at these is not a paleontologist but thought that these reflected organic material rather than silica. I have a number of other pictures but can't open them until I figure out their file format. They show the crystalline structures under different polarizing lights. I think the 400 magnification is better than the 1000 magnification. The third image is the two blue elements at 1000x magnification and the last image is the chrystalline sturctures at that higher magnification. What do I conclude from all this so far? A marine invert paleontologist thought the sample was likely an 'encrusting bryozoan.' These scrapings have clearly silica material but also possibly organic elements. I will continue to pursue this. It is taking me into a bryozoan world. Higher mag images in the next post. As always, comments and insights from all welcome. Tom 

fossil scraping 400x Dapi 1.jpg

fossil scraping 400x pol light.jpg

fossil scraping 1000x dapi.jpg

fossil scraping 1000x pol light.jpg

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I would look into opal or opalite. It is common to find associated with quartz minerals.

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