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Doubts about a Carcharodon sp. tooth

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Hi everybody, it's been a long time since I've written something on the forum but I read the different thread pretty much every day. Observing in the shadow like Batman but without money, a cool costume and with an hernia just like every fellow 21 yo.

However I've recently acquired a Carcharodon sp. tooth from Bahia Iglesia, labelled as an C. hastals with some sort of serration. From what I've read serration in this species might indicate some sort of patology/transitional form. In this case the cusplets/serrations are pretty much symmetrical on both side of the crown so I'm leading toward the second option.

So, is this a transitional form of C. hastalis  or an early C. hubbelli ? How can I distinguish between the two when the diagnostic characters aren't so obvious? I've also read that tooth from both species tend to have different characteristic if collected from different sites (like a C. hubbelli tooth where the serrations are just barely visible on the enamel) so I'm very confused.

Last question: Teeth where the serrations are confined in small part of the enamel are linked just to early C. hubbelli  (obviously if belonging to this specie) or is more related to individual differences into the population as a whole?


Thanks to all for the answers.




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Looks like a Carcharodon hastalis to Me.

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