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Turtle/croc claw from Morocco Phosphates

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Hi, I have what is described to me as a turtle claw from the Moroccan Phosphates. That's all the info I was given unfortunately. It has a curve as seen from the top view. It measures 44mm long.


First up, is this a turtle claw?


Second, is it possible to ID its family or species?


Third, what could the age be? I am guessing 70.6 - 55 million years old.


Fourth, can I narrow down the locality?


Thank you for your help.

turtle 1.jpg

turtle 2.jpg

turtle 3.jpg

turtle 4.jpg

turtle 5.jpg

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Here is a foot from a cretaceous turtle.  Claws look a lot like what you have. 

Has far as the age guess it depends what layer of the beds it was collected.  The phosphate beds range from Maastrichtian to Ypresian in age.   Guessing its the Ouled Abdoun Basin.  All I know  and  highly unlikey you are going to be able to put an ID on it.






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