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Pensacola Beach Florida

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Hi everyone. I am a long time lurker of this great site. I live in middle Tennesee and have never found a sharks tooth before. Where I live I find mostly brachipods and corals. On a really good day I find a cephalopod or part of a trilobite (still haven't found a full one yet).

On Tuesday I am loading up the car to head to Pensacola Beach, Florida for my brother's wedding. He is getting married on the beach. I am guessing Pensacola Beach would be a good area to find a prehistoric sharks tooth. Are there any creeks in the area that I should check out? Any help or advice would be great.

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Would love to help you but I've never hunted in FL. But, there are a few member on here that have. :D Perhaps they will help.

Welcome to the forum :)

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woah! if i was headed to florida i would add a few extra days and sift a few creeks and try to walk away with a meg or mammoth tooth :)


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If you're Best Man, You could pretend to drop the ring and then pretend to be looking for it... :P

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I am from the area and I don't know of much in the P'cola area but there is a GREAT place to go on your way. It is called Point A Dam right near andulusia ... a place where you will have a chance to find 100's of shark teeth. I have been there several times and had a blast there .

here are a couple of links for you to get started ...




This is a map I created some time ago. It has places of interest marked for myself to do some searching at. On this one you will see Point A Dam site and the green markers show the best place to search for fossils.

Personal Google Maps

Also searching above will give some great insight on how and where to search once you get there ... several good threads about it ..

In the search box above put in "point a dam" with the quotations ...

Hope all of this helps man ... and great luck ..

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Thanks for the welcomes and the advice. I hadn't thought about the dropping the ring trick. That might work out well. We are going to be barefoot for the wedding so I plan on wiggling my toes around in the sand to see what I can find too. ;)

I may try to hit Point A Dam on the way back. It looks like a great spot! Thanks for all the info and links.

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