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Do you find feeding-damaged teeth interesting?

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For whatever reason, I find these as interesting as a pristine specimen. Perhaps because the tooth was actually used, like stamp collectors like cancellation marks?


How about you? Do you have any interesting photos of feeding damaged teeth (of any species) to share?

Feeding Damage.jpg

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Our collection has more damaged teeth than pristine teeth lol For us is it is economical to buy less than perfect teeth. I like having a mix and teeth with feeding wear are especially important to us as we can use them to show kids evidence of how sharks feed. My personal favorite is a Ginsu I have with some cool wear but I am not digging it out of the display. Some other favorites


From left to right

Alopias grandis with lots of wear on the tip, a 2.5” Angustidens, a 2.5” GW with wear on one side. 


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Just curious. How do you tell feeding damage from just broken teeth?

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The enamel has a peeled or chipped appearance and the rest of the tooth is generally intact. Teeth that break after fossilization don't have the same appearance. I'm far from an expert, just my observations over the years.

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