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What do you use to back thin fossils?

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What do you use to back thin fossils? I have some nice pieces preserved in shale which came up pretty thinly. I'd like to reinforce to make sure they dont break.



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You might consider a right-sized, shallow shadow box or picture frame (with enough space to permit insertion of something thicker than paper). Backing of cotton or even backboard would secure it in place. For added security, you could always add very tiny and short pins on the edges of the shale to keep it centered.

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Is your shale pretty flat on the back?

Depending on what you want, you could mount to a board that is just slightly smaller than your plate so only the shale shows.


This fella may have some suggestions. @Ptychodus04

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Thanks @caldigger, yes, I have done this a time or twenty.


I like cement backer board (the kind used for mounting ceramic tiles to floors and walls). I have also used plywood. To secure it to the backing, I use 100% silicone caulk. It has enormous sticking power.


I lay the piece on the board and mark with a pencil. Then, cut to size. Apply a liberal amount of silicone to the backing and set the piece on it. Put another board on top (make sure to protect the fossil with a towel or something) and weigh it down with something heavy. Let that sit for a few days and you are good to go. You can trim any silicone that oozed out the sides with a razor blade.

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Here are steps I took with a problematic slab. It might be a little extreme for your purposes; but I think it a viable approach if a strong large scale backing is needed.



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