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  2. Carboniferous Flora Finds

    +1 on Alethopteris and Calamites.
  3. Back at full power with a few finds

    Hey Roger, glad to see the latest and hear your back in business...what is the matrix...looks like an oolitic? rich type limestone? of sorts...seems to leave an interesting texture/mini perforations in some of the specimens. Does that cause any special prep procedures? more work? Regards, Chris
  4. A New Hadrosauroid from Mongolia

    You're getting it mixed up. The Gadolosaurus I'm talking about was found in the Baynshire Formation of Mongolia, while Arstanosaurus is known only from Kazakhstan (the hadrosaur material collected from the Baynshire Formation in the 1970s was catalogued as Arstanosaurus sp. at the Palaeontological Insitute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) (see Norman and Sues 2000 for info). Shilin, F.V., and Suslov, Y.V. (1982). A hadrosaur from the northeastern Aral Region. Paleontological Journal 1982(1):132-136 [translated version]. Norman, D.B., and Kurzanov, S.M. (1997). On Asian ornithopods (Dinosauria: Ornithischia). 2. Arstanaosaurus akkurganensis Shilin and Suslov, 1982. Proceedings of Geologists' Association 108(3):191-199. Norman, David B.; Sues, Hans-Dieter (2000). Ornithopods from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Siberia". In Benton, Michael J.; Shishkin, Mikhail A.; Unwin, David M.; Kurochkin, Evgenii N. The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 462–479. ISBN 0-521-55476-4.
  5. Help me identify this ground sloth...

    I just want to know if any known species of ground sloth check all of those boxes.
  6. Predator incisor

    Does this help?
  7. Field trip in yamaguchi prefecture, japan

    It wasn't very large but it had this old museum particular smell. Old wood, old books and dirt smell. It reminds me the time I spend in the old library when I was a child. Few but very nice fossils were stored in glass boxes and a nice series of diorama was there. It was so cool to see those 50 to 60 year old diorama. even if not accurate according to modern standards, It shows us a lot about our beloved science's evolution and perception. After a quick lunch, we rode to another cave called Kagekiyodo. Compared to the Akiyoshido cave, Kagekiyodo cave is smaller and not as gorgeous however it is the only cave of the area where you can do a bit of speleology. Equipped with our safety equipment and a flash light, we entered the cave. Darkness and silence (well as silent as 7 paleontologists in a limestone cave packed with fossils can be) for only companion, it was a delightful experience. We of course looked for fossils there but we also find some messages form a more recent history. Indeed as we were searching for fossils on the walls and the roof of the cave, we also found messages from the Edo period (late 19th century under the Tokugawa shogunate just before the emperor restoration) left by the persons (maybe geologists) who explored the cave. We left the cave after finding tons of corals and brachiopods but not seeing a single fusulina. Our 2 days field trip touched at its end and we now had to drive back to Kumamoto, already thinking at the next year field trip destination. It was a nice trip, learned a lot and spend real quality time there. I hope you enjoyed this small trip report. David.
  8. Ichno/Trace Fossils from Bama!

    Hey Ric, like the variety of the latest shots...was staring in a pond looking at some recent traces the other day--wondering who and what they were doing.... Regards, Chris
  9. Please help identify

    Thanks! We were pretty sure it was a tooth but had no clue how to begin to identify it! I would love to show a pic of something else we found that we have no clue what it is, but I wasn't sure if it was ok to post more than one pic. Thank you for taking the time to help us out, that's awesome!
  10. Do I Have a Protosphyraena tooth?

    Agreed, Enchodus. Never saw one with that coloration. Nifty
  11. Purse state park bivalve?

    Nice. Purse State Park can be fun for the whole family, as the water is shallow, and the kids can join in. Tip: When looking for Otodus and the larger teeth, walk the high tide line rather than the water line.
  12. Uzbekistan trip

    Very nice report and the shots of the flora and geology are wonderful. Regards, Chris
  13. Saturday at Peace

    Nice finds Jack! lovely canine and that"camelid scaphoid" is certainly something different . Hoping that little gust/rain we got today didnt change things too much. Regards, Chris
  14. Please help identify

    yup, the corner and cusplet to a C. chubutensis, the immediate precursor to the Meg
  15. Field trip in yamaguchi prefecture, japan

    Thank you all for your kind comments. Let me continue to sum-up what happened the next day. Day 2: First we stopped at an Hotel in the Akiyoshidai area. The Akiyoshidai area is a very special place in Japan where you can see particularly exceptional landscape very unusual in Japan. The plateau was 300 million years ago a coral reef and now due to erosion and dissolution of the limestone, all the area is a huge Karst plateau doted with limestone pinnacles. We left the comfort of our room, early in the morning and walked to Akiyoshido. The Akiyoshido is a 9 Kilometer long cave resulting of the dissolution of the underground limestone. The cave is really spacious as in some places there was 80 meter between the ground and the roof of the cave. As we entered, we were welcomed by a statue dedicated to the Sacrificial goddess of mercy. It was the first time for me and I was very impressed by the beauty of the geological formation I was able to see here. Shape and color were awesome and I even more enjoyed it the more I read the name the Japanese gave to those. Pumpkin rock, Straw-wrapped persimmon, Crepe rock... You can easily say how important food is in Japanese culture. After leaving the cave, we had a stroll to the top of the plateau where we were able to have a nice view on what Mother Nature had to propose. As far as you could see, the Karst was expending in around us. Absolutely gorgeous! We took a break at a small coffee house and then went to an old and small natural history museum.
  16. Florida Fossil Hunt , Part 2

    Hey Mike, nice report. Looks like you got a good taste of Florida fossils and some good guys to get out there with! Regards, Chris
  17. Please help identify

    It's the edge of a shark tooth. Maybe a megalodon.
  18. Please help identify

    Hi, I'm new to this site and new to fossil hunting! My fiance and I found this in Summerville SC and would love help identfying it. Thanks in advance, Diane G.
  19. Today
  20. Lower Ordovician Gastropod or Cephalopod?

    To be clear, though, I think the fossil in question is a gastropod. Don
  21. 4/19/2019

    Ok that would make sense. Any idea what layer. If it helps they were found in Fairview Utah. It’s about 25 miles south of Provo
  22. 4/19/2019

  23. 4/19/2019

    Turritella maybe?
  24. 4/19/2019

  25. 4/19/2019

  26. Fossil Dinosaurs in Argentina: https://m.phys.org/news/2019-04-scientists-unearth-million-year-old-dinosaur-fossils.html
  27. 4/19/2019

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