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  2. Dating Ammonite

    We aren’t supposed to give out valuations here on the forum. The real question is “what is it worth to you?” If you’re satisfied with the purchase ( especially if you don’t see them much) then it was a good deal if not then it wasn’t. In places where things are common then things are cheaper. If not so common there then the price goes up.so it all depends on your happiness level.
  3. A few pics of my shark tooth site

    Great post. With that sandy matrix, I wonder if there are lots of microscopic coprolites, teeth, etc. Maybe in the range of one to 3 grains of sand long?
  4. A few Ordovician unknowns

    Not sure. I've just spent a couple of weeks trying to id trilobits from the Lawrenceburg road cut, Upper Ordovician and had precisely no luck at all.
  5. Piece natural footcast fossil?

    Please kindly delete your account.
  6. Dating Ammonite

    Well dang. I gave 30 for it but it was I. A antique shop so would expect it to be a little more. First one I’ve ever seen in person.
  7. Some unknown commercial fossils

    They are still lovely specimens. If I collected those myself, they would be among my prize possessions...
  8. A few Ordovician unknowns

    Orthid brachiopod looks like a good match. As for the genal spine, best guess would be Isotelus? Not seeing another good match on the Dry Dredgers ID page.
  9. Hello from ohio

    Has a sort of Silurian feel to it. Favosites would be a good guess but knowing the actual formation and age would help narrow down the possibilities.
  10. Dating Ammonite

    Hmm $10-20would be my guess, depending on the merchant. They are very common.
  11. Dating Ammonite

    Dunno if I can ask this is but what is one like this worth? I know hard core collectors would be far less the the average one
  12. Dating Ammonite

    These usually don't preserve/show the living chamber, or they are cut off in the polishing. The adhering matrix might have looked like that, but not the shell. .
  13. Looking for Donation of Sawfish Fossils

    Complete rostrums or complete body fossils would be extremely expensive. You can buy the Rostral teeth online at many on-line retailers. Good luck.
  14. Dating Ammonite

    Cleoniceras from Madagascar are generally very cheap and don't have much value but it is still a very nice fossil! The inside is filled with calcium carbonate or calcite while the outside is usually sanded and polished away on these ones. The pattern you see is the suture lines which separate different Chambers of the shell so the ammonite could fill them with air or water to make it sink or float. The end looks like it just has a bit of the matrix in it which would be the rock that surrounds the fossil when they are excavated but I do not believe the matrix can get into the actual shell which is why that is replaced by calcite. Hopes that clears it up a bit for you
  15. "splitting" really soft slabs

    Make sure you get your heat treat right or your DIY chisel can shatter when you strike it... not a pleasant experience.
  16. Bull Canyon Formation

    Incredible Finds!
  17. Dating Ammonite

    So this is what would be under the shell? Didn’t think it would have looked like that under there. I would have been expecting it to look like the grey rock matter you see at the end of it. So would this be like a inside skin? With no shell would this make it far less valuable?
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  19. Dating Ammonite

    I picked this one up this morning, it was to nice to pass up and first one I ever seen local. My question is can you date these by the outer shell and how they are made up? Smooth or with ridges Etc
  20. Piece natural footcast fossil?

    Please be courteous, and post your requests in English. Not everyone has time to run your posts through Google Translate. This is an English language Forum.
  21. "splitting" really soft slabs

    Thanks, though I can DIY something in my own shop. So this started as a large slab with a visible trilobite. The opening post has a link to the trilobite pics and they show some of the rock surface. I have since hacked and smacked the rest of the slab, which tended to break into chunks or flake off. Here are pics of some larger pieces of leftovers. The junk heap has some more source material, but I'm really hoping to identify the source. Either way, I'll try to get my hands on more stuff to practice these skills on and hopefully find another trilobite
  22. Neato to the unth degree.
  23. My offering was shipped last week and I have received mine.
  24. Exporting fossils from portugal

    Aside from the collecting argument, there is a paleontology museum in Lisbon that is probably the best I’ve ever been to, worth visiting. Portugal has several track sites, impressive dinosaur displays, etc. If you love paleontology, or dinosaurs in general I highly recommend going there.
  25. Beautiful! With specimens this rare, it really makes you wonder what new species are out there, waiting to be found. Hopefully by me next March 1st! Chris
  26. Invertebrate Prionocyclus hyatti Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) Carlile Shale New Mexico, USA Discovered: November 9th Field photos:
  27. Exporting fossils from portugal

    You don't get to have your cake and eat it too, as the expression goes. If I can't at least modestly collect in Portugal legally, than I will travel to a destination where I can. And that nation can have my money.
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