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    There is nothing to chip off. The white IS the fossil. IT is an echinoid (sea urchin)! There is a very cool, odd preservation of the inside though
  3. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Here are some of the brachiopods we collected at Penn Dixie, including a pocketful from the Wanakah Shale, which @DevonianDigger gave to me. Thanks again, Jay!
  4. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Sorry, I shouldn't have said crinoid stem, I should've just left it at crinoid. Old habits. I would be willing to agree with Malcolm's assessment. Not going to be able to give a species, but the arm is likely.
  5. Another place to avoid - Bartow

    It's interesting that you mention lithic artifacts. We saw a deposit of flint nodules, and I thought there must be artifacts somewhere because ancient people valued those deposits. There was one large area of tiny gravel and broken-up limestone pieces. I suspect it was dumped there long ago by the mining industry before that land was reclaimed. It seemed out of place with the immediate surroundings. Otherwise, we didn't see much worth investigating.
  6. creek finds

    Thank you!
  7. Carcharocles auriculatus

    An unusual location.
  8. Thanks Joseph! The paper was actually already published (the link to it is on my first post in this thread, right above my pictures).
  9. Today
  10. Hungry Hollow Member

    Sorry, Dave. It was my one regret, but they were also squirming away rather too quickly after I disturbed them for me to take off the dirty gloves and whip out the camera. It has been an unusually soggy spring. Probably best anyway to wait out any river trips until June or later to let the waters subside. All of Southwestern Ontario seems stuck in an odd trench battleground between the cold/warm fronts, with shots of moisture coming from the US midwest.
  11. Mammoth Tooth?

    A "molcisor" ?
  12. Help

    Here is the cropped exposed surface, I am not sure what it is.
  13. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Friend of my inlaws heard that I am into fossil collecting. (I think he has some sort of qualification in geology). He didn't want this book anymore, so sent it to me. It was printed in 1940, so quite out of date. But since there aren't too many book on Paleobotany, I am pleased to have it.
  14. Help

  15. Help

    Try taking the straight on shot a bit further away from the camera so that it is within the focal range.
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  17. Help

  18. North Carolina Pliocene Quick Trip

    Nice haul Don! Sweet croc tooth
  19. Help

    Can we get a better picture where the thing you say is a fossil is in focus?
  20. Help

    Looks like you might have an echinoid there, but the telling pic is too blurry to really tell. Also, what is the size? Take a pic of it with a ruler or tape measure if you could plesae.
  21. Help

    Found this while working in chalk pit in Kent, can you help me identify this as this is my first fossil find, also should i chip off the white crystally covering to reveal whole fossil many thanks
  22. Hungry Hollow Member

    I love the snails It's great that you got out - I still haven't been able to check out Etobicoke Creek due to being quite busy and being concerned about high water levels (it's been such a wet spring!!! ) - hopefully I'll be able to get out there a lot in the summertime...
  23. I can supply the details on request @Fabien just email me through the website.
  24. Penn Dixie Round 1

    Viola and I arrived at 11am so the brownies were enjoyed around lunchtime (I think right after the second time we were told to go to our cars because of lightning) when Gus found me (after he asked a few different women in Ontario-plated cars if they were me ). If you're there next year when Viola and I are there, then hopefully we can meet up so you'll be able to partake in the brownie-eating
  25. Mammoth Tooth?

    Perhaps a molar that really wanted to be a tusk ?
  26. What is it?

    I think you have more pieces of the fish.
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