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  2. Please don't send several time the same fossil to ID Coco
  3. This is the same rock, that I found what looks to be a fossilized insect.
  4. Found this sandstone shale rock with possible insect fossil in the State Park.
  5. Peace River Sharks Teeth (is it a MEG?!)

    Yep ... More of the same ... you'd be surprised. They were, and still are, a prolific bunch. Nailing down any single tooth to a specific species is hard enough. B
  6. 2nd fossilized pearlescent shell found underneath what I think may be a California mussel?
  7. 1 of the 2 fossilized shells found together in my backyard.
  8. Found in the State Park....Bug Fossil???
  9. 2nd fossilized pearlescent shell found in backyard.
  10. Rhexoxylon-like wood from Madagascar

    What`s the size of the Rhexoxylon?
  11. Today
  12. Pic 3 of 6

    1 of the 2 fossilized shells found together in my backyard.
  13. This small bone I found in my garden, was 1 of 2. It almost appears wooden.
  14. Hi! I'm 24 hours "new" to the forum and am so excited to part of it. I'm a full time mommy to two small children and former elementary school teacher. My family and I live in Chino Hills, Ca (Monterey and Puente Formation). There are about 65 known prehistoric sites in Chino Hills and some pretty cool fossil discoveries made. So, for fun, the kiddos and I started digging in our backyard. We also like to hike and explore the hilly State Park in our back yard. We've found some interesting things, that have left us with many questions. The first are 3 different bones we found in our backyard. I took them to a local Veterinarian to confirm they were in fact animal. They also confirmed, they were not domestic (meaning dog or cat ie:pet) and are very old. Possibly a Patella and phalanges ( belonging to two different varieties/animals)??? Also attached are two Bivalves , I found after digging about 1ft down in my backyard (one is possibly Mytilus californianus, unsure of the other). I live approximately 20 miles inland from the ocean...so this is quite puzzling to me. Lastly, at about 800-900 ft elevation in Chino Hills State Park, we came across lots of sandstone shale that was exposed after heavy rains. I think I see a small bug type fossil in one of the rocks I found...not entirely sure though?! Also lots of amber colored sap like substance and polished, shiny marble like material throughout. Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :0)
  15. Carcharocles megalodon

    My first meg found summerville sc chandler Bridge Creek 3 inches
  16. Unknown bit from Cretaceous Texas (Fredericksburg Group)

    It is a Paleozoic tabulate coral which is reworked, brought in from a distant formation via a river or brought in by a human. Similar corals have been found in the North Sulphur River. Is it silicified? Silicified fossils can be transported a long way from their source.
  17. Saturday at Aurora

    that's an impressive haul
  18. Fossil id please

    Ok, two more .... creek finds.
  19. I was thinking that it might be a bear too... literally the only thing I know about fossils is that sometimes bear feet look like bare feet. Does it matter that it was found on the surf, rather than inland where a bear is more likely to be found? Granted, shorelines change all the time.
  20. Fossil id please

    Welcome to the forum ! Summerville is predominantly Oligocene ... Angustidens is what you have and usually is what you will pull out of the creeks there ... A few of my examples .. sans the tiger tooth.
  21. Dorchester creek

    Spoils of a fun adventure today Dorchester creek Summerville South Carolina
  22. Fossil id please

    Please help me id...thanks in advance. Found in summerville sc
  23. Found at the Jersey Shore... Please tell me it's not a human hand

    Bear is my unexpert, opinion. Certainly not human
  24. Mystery tooth maybe shark ??

    +1 for Hemi lower ....
  25. I just came back from a surveying trip with some specialists from the museum this weekend, and naturally on the day after they left I happened to come across this oddball... It's really nothing like I've ever seen in the area before. The fossil itself is a piece of fragile lignitic wood inside a sandstone concretion, found in a thin layer of the late cretaceous marine Bearpaw formation associated with trace burrow fossils, and known to be deposited in a near-shore deltaic environment. Very well preserved, fragile lignitic wood is common, as well as other trace burrow fossils (you can see some in the concretion itself), which leads me to believe that these are infilled burrows of some kind (termites?). But I've never seen burrows in fossil wood that look like this, never mind in mud or any other substrate. They look to be too closely clustered together to be burrows, as in most substrates this would cause the walls between them to collapse. I know the chances are astronomically low, and that this almost definitely isn't the case, but this looks the most to me like some sort of fungal colony more than anything. Could it be a trace fossil of some kind of fungus or plant? I only have these photos from the field currently, as the specimen is currently jacketed, but I might have a chance to get some better photos either tomorrow or sometime later this week. (PS, I still find myself unable to upload any images to the forum. I get an error message that says, "The page you are trying to access is not available to guests, but may be available if you sign in.") View of concretion Note the lignitic wood still clinging to the top and bottom of the hollow once presumably filled by it. Left close-up Right close-up Some of the smaller "nodules"
  26. Hungry Hollow Member

    Very nice finds! I hope you eventually find a nice trilo you hope for. Who remembers the summer of 2017 when the Humber River’s mouth flooded the waterfront trail? Or how Toronto Island properties/parks were flooded nearly knee high or so? Aren’t the islands in downtown T.O. on the verge of being flooded again? :((
  27. Kelowna Fish Fossil

    Went back today and found a second fish (and some plant stuff)
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