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  2. What is this ammonoid

    Must be Mississipian then. Here's a link to an older thread that may help you further:
  3. You might also want to take a peek at: Facies (2006) 52: 19-39 DOI 10.1007/s10347-005-0028-y Lucia Roncaglia Anton Kuijpers Revision of the palynofacies model of Tyson (1993) based on recent high-latitude sediments from the North Atlantic Facies2006.pdf
  4. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    More of my Penn Dixie finds:
  5. Real or fake?

    Not having any experience polishing teeth I am curious as to - How is it done?
  6. Carcharocles megalodon

    Nice find! Still looking of my first at 3"+.
  7. My first pelmatozoans, please help with ID

    this is the close up of possible erisocrinid crinoid calyx plate - it has rough pattern.
  8. Crab was my first thought here. Cropped and rotated:
  9. For Shark and LEGO Lovers

    Wow! That is incredible!
  10. LINK1 Link2 Pieter van Gijzel:Autofluorescence of fossil pollen and Spores with special reference to age determination and coalification Leidse Geologische Mededelingen 40/1967
  11. For Shark and LEGO Lovers

    I agree- I think adults enjoyed it more. The below piece was one of my favorites, the tree is also LEGOs.
  12. Question about Mosasaur tooth

    Not sure about Enchodus, could be, but not quite convinced by the shape. It is quite slender for a mosasaur tooth but it is also oddly shaped for an Enchodus tooth and the enamel is more in line with what I know for mosasaur than for Enchodus Could be Eremiasaurus or Halisaurus.
  13. Today
  14. I agree, ... definitely fish material. Could be a scale. Could be an operculum, also. Size would help.
  15. Saturday at Aurora

    Congratulations on your successful hunt.
  16. I have recently been exploring what is know as the Jurassic coast portion of North Yorshire UK. After finding ammonites in abundance I stumbled upon what appeared to be a vertabrae looking piece of rock. Parts that are exposed like the ends of the rock appear slightly porus like fossilized marrow. Waves often erode the sides of the cliffs exposing new fossils in this area. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify if this is actually a fossil and if so what sort of prehistoric beast it could have come from and if it is not thanks for your advice and hopefully better luck next time!
  17. Mystery Jaw

    Those are cool..I started bringing recent jaw fragments home for comparisons as well. Just what I need another pile of stuff! LOL. Regards, Chris
  18. Pic 5 of 6 Fossilized Insect/Mite..arthropod???

    I agree, looks like a fish scale, to me. Cropped:
  19. Odd formations inside late cretaceous marine driftwood

    Posting the photos here directly, for posterity.
  20. I'm gonna say this looks fishy as well...maybe another scale or some other fragment? How large is this one? Regards, Chris
  21. Question about Mosasaur tooth

    I agree with fish. Look at the tip of the tooth. Not mosasaur in my opinion. Very possibly enchodus as @FossilDAWG said.
  22. Pic 5 of 6 Fossilized Insect/Mite..arthropod???

    Thats cool...looks like a fish scale. How big is it? Regards, Chris
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