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  2. Favosite coral structures?

    Thank you! I tried the acetone at the top right corner and nothing came off. I looked around online and it appears that dendrites of similar colours are common in Solnhofen! Thanks for solving that, @Fossildude19 and @Kane, I really appreciate it!
  3. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    Sorry, I should correct that: "it was just spectacular brachs." I did take those big ones home instead of allowing the forces of nature to reclaim them. And, to be honest, I've never encountered so much diversity of brachiopods -- never a dull split! I do hope so! Looking over the faunal inventory of the Onandaga, it is quite lengthy and includes a few lichids.
  4. What is this? (location: german baltic coast)

    This is the trace fossil Ophiomorpha nodosa in an ironoxide (limonite) cemented sandstone. Regarding the location: most probably a glacial erratic (Geschiebe) from Palaeogene. And regarding the location: Stolteraa Cliff runs from W Warnemuende up to Geinitzort. You are round about 350m westward of the end of the Stolteraa Cliff on your picture. Quaternary geology is much more simple at the site of your picture than in the Stolteraa section.
  5. What is this? (location: german baltic coast)

    This looks like a shrimp burrow like Ophiomorpha. Could tbe cliff be a raised beach?
  6. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    Great finds as per ususal Kane. Glad you found a new spot to explore. You will get that complete Acanthopyge contusa eventually.
  7. Hey everybody, as a newbie i'm a bit excited :-)... So i hope i'll can give you all the informations which are relevant. The object was found 3 days ago in the Stoltera nature reserve (54.176962, 12.005744). It stucked out from the cliff which was formed from glacial deposits. It is 8,5 cm/3,15 inch long, has a diameter of 2,3 cm/0,9 inch and weighs 92 grams. What could that be? Location Top 1 Top 2 Bottom Side view Thanks in advance for your answer! - Daniel
  8. Wells pit duplin county?

    I just noticed your tooth has 5 pairs of lateral cusps. That would make it Pseudabdounia claibornensis which has 4-8 pairs of cusps instead of Pseudabdounia recticona which has 2 to 4 pair. This is the Comfort Member of the Castle Hayne Formation. This particular pit is either Lutetian or Bartonian or might span both stages.
  9. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    Nice finds and certainly bodes well for the future. One quibble :
  10. Peace River Still Open! (Not anymore!)

    We haven't those specifics yet. Part of this was the result of spring breakers at the beaches, so I've heard beaches in some counties were closed before this shutdown. Boat ramps had been closed in Palm Beach County last week. Need clarification since many of our access points are on rural roads, not parks or boat ramps so we could get out without any interaction with others.
  11. Wells pit duplin county?

    Thanks so much (: @Al Dente do you know which member it was from and the specific stage of the Eocene? Sorry for the hassle but I’m trying to get all the info
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  13. Wells pit duplin county?

    The label has the wrong state, it is North Carolina. This was a small marl pit. The owner that ran it was a very nice man who passed away several years back and the pit has since filled with water. It is in a Middle Eocene outlier (an erosional remnant away from the main outcrop) of the Castle Hayne Formation. Abdounia recticona is now called Pseudabdouia recticona.
  14. Peace River Still Open! (Not anymore!)

    Grandpa and White Feather, thank you for your concern and support. I pray for your families as well. AL Dente - Our state parks are closed as well as local boat ramps. If the river was in walking distance I would still be able to go for outdoor exercise. Unfortunately, it is about a 50 mile drive that takes me through two and sometimes three different counties to get there. While I could most likely get away with it if I continued to go I don't believe it is the right thing to be doing at this point. I'll get back out there as soon as the order is lifted.
  15. Wells pit duplin county?

    Nice little tooth. Not a clue about the place though.
  16. Favosite coral structures?

    I wonder if the orange might be on account of higher iron content that would precipitate an oxidized stain.
  17. Favosite coral structures?

    Leptolepis sprattiformis are often preserved with dendritic halos around them, but usually they are black. Those are mineral crystals that formed in the rock, by mineralized water seeping through cracks. I've never seen them in orange like that before, however. It could be a coating of some sort. Try to use a little acetone on a Q-tip in the corner, to see if it removes the orange substance at all.
  18. Wells pit duplin county?

    Hi guys do you know much about this site and it’s age and statiagraphy this is all I can find but I doesn’t mention shark teeth being found ther only having a mollusc faunal list , any ideas Thanks
  19. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    Aye, and that is what is truly exciting. I've barely scratched the proverbial surface. It's Onandaga time! Thanks, Don. Some do come out quite crisp in detail while others, like the gastropods, only appear as steinkerns. Thanks. It certainly matches the handful I've found of this species in imported fill here in town, but that dried up a few years ago. The prospect of finding a complete example of this splendid dalmanitid is certainly worth many return trips. But, so too the other species, one of which has not been reported in Ontario since 1915 (Odontocephalus sp), which can join the few other species I've found in the last six months that have never been reported here, and only in equivalent strata.
  20. Peace River Still Open! (Not anymore!)

    Aren't you still allowed outdoor activities like fishing and boating? Here in North Carolina we have a stay at home order but it has exceptions for outdoor activity as long as you keep your distance from others. Several State Parks are closed as well as some boat ramps but most are still open for use.
  21. Some recent Zandmotor finds

    Thanks Dave, glad you like it I'm not sure I deserve congratulations for being outside of the house though
  22. Would 100% agree with you. It's actually really bad this has been labelled anything other than that as the seller has seen raz material before so should be aware of this!
  23. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    The pygidium for Anchiopsis anchiops is beautiful!
  24. Favosite coral structures?

    Fenestellid for sure, maybe Fenestella itself.
  25. Extraordinary Common Teeth

    Miocene Temblor Formation Round Mountain Silt Kern County California Echinorhinus blakei A rare one and a really generous gift from Jesse. We were thrilled to get an STH Bramble. A great piece of the fauna to acquire and a really nice addition to the Squaliformes display.
  26. Extraordinary Common Teeth

    Miocene Temblor Formation Round Mountain Silt Kern County California Heterodontus sp. We had one anterior and recently bought the fin spine. We found 2 anterior, 10 lateral and 2 anterior-lateral teeth. The best ones are in the Heterodontiformes display. This is a pretty cool part of the display. A nice selection of STH fossils from one of our favorite sharks.
  27. Air abrasive system

    Ok thanks I’ll talk to fossilshack
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