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  2. Bone, branch or other

    They are not bones. I don't see any features that are normally present in preserved bones and they're the wrong shape. They are interestingly weathered rocks and their origin is worth investigating. The one with the 'ridge' is intriguing.
  3. Dinosaurs in Greece

    Thanks.....that might explain then that I also found a sea shell in the same area.....I checked it up and it looks like a turritela communis....
  4. Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt / Germany

    Thanks for the tour. Haven't had a chance to get there yet, even though I know one of the paleontologists.
  5. RB's Fossil Fish Prep Thread !!!

    Looks good!
  6. Arkona Crinoid prep

    Very good! You don't find something like that every day there any more. Lucky guy!
  7. Arkona Crinoid prep

    You are doing a great job on those exquisite crinoids. I have some (mostly Arthrocantha) I collected years ago. They are still awaiting prepping when I get the equipment and the nerve. I don't want to screw them up as I know they would be very hard to replace. Don
  8. Golden coprolite two?

    I agree, Ralph. Get a magnifying lens or loupe. Can you see some structure or patterns in it? Quite often coprolites can have other animal bits, scales, etc. It could be a poorly preserved jellyfish or other blob. Cheers, Rich
  9. Matching the coloration of a woolly rhino skull?

    I got a dino tooth that the seller had stained with strong coffee to make it have a solid deep dark brown color. It always reeked of coffee! All it took was a damp cloth to wipe away the "make-up" and in my opinion it looks much better with the natural crazing and color wear variations.
  10. Matching the coloration of a woolly rhino skull?

    Quite frankly, I wouldn't touch it. Many of us take great pains to remove the coloring that some people have added to "enhance" the items look. You already know the two pieces are not from the same individual, why try to cover the fact?
  11. Went to Brownie’s/Bayfront Park for the first time yesterday. Lots of tiny intact teeth. The smallest intact tooth was 0.23”. The largest was 0.67”. I was happy and surprised by the amount of teeth that I found. I gave a few away to curious people that happened by. One couple asked for pointers when I showed up. We talked for a few minutes, I ran one load of material through my sifter, and found a tooth right off. I handed it over to give them an idea of what to look for. I averaged 10+ teeth per hour. My best trip yet. In summary...LOTS of teeth here, a good time, pleasant & curious passers by, and lunatics in the parking lot. Get there early (I did) and with the summer heat...don’t be surprised if people are blowing their gasket in the parking lot. Witnessed one lady that was convinced someone stole her spot jump out of her minivan and proceed to curse at the “offender.” The summer heat, lol.
  12. Millard County Hunt

    Very nice finds! I would like to know when you’re swinging by here.
  13. Today
  14. Dinosaurs in Greece

    I think Greece was under the ocean during the age of Dinosaurs
  15. Closer look at Horse teeth

    Thanks fossillarry! I'm planning on grouping them with some additional horse teeth found this year to create a display.
  16. RB's Fossil Fish Prep Thread !!!

    Maybe not for the fish but simply on principle.
  17. Dinosaurs in Greece

    Hello everyone, I am a new member with some interest in fossils but little knowledge....I come from Greece and from the area where the mastodon tusk was found...Ptolemaida in particular. Not long ago, I visited the coal mines in the area and I have found a piece of coal with some shells attached to it. Does this classify as a fossil?
  18. Matching the coloration of a woolly rhino skull?

    I feel that if I did get this skull I would leave it as is but I was mainly curious about the technique used in fossils. Is it tea/coffee staining? Just paint? Thanks
  19. T Rex tooth?

    Congrats this is a nice one. I just got my first rex tooth a couple of days ago also.
  20. Pisces

    I don't have all that many teeth like a lot of collectors here in this Forum, but I have found, purchased or traded for a few fishy things along the way. Update New Year's 2019: The collection has been growing thanks to trades, purchases and my own field finds.
  21. T Rex tooth?

    I think I beat out several interested buyers. I am receiving it this week and will know if I got a good deal or not. More pics to come.
  22. Please help identifying

    Thanks for the info.! I didn’t think it was an actual beak just beak shaped☺️ but that would be an interesting find for sure! I appreciate you taking the time to help a newbie
  23. You could try your luck around Little Falls, but I've heard much of it has been posted as no trespassing. Alternatively, there may be some minor exposures on Route 28 anywhere along the West Canada Creek.
  24. Now does anyone know where I could go to find Triarthrus? I have heard of them being in the Utica shales but not sure where I can go where it would be exposed.
  25. Matching the coloration of a woolly rhino skull?

    I think they look lovely as is, no need to change either of them.
  26. If anyone has seen 3D printed fakes, Could you PM me some pictures? I really want to see how they do it.
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