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  2. What is this?

    Hard core diggin' ! Anyone else a bit envious ?
  3. Weird Gator or not?

    Yep a cool rock...geologic in orgin
  4. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    I recieved a small package with some very nice fossils nonetheless. And I am still expacting 2 more fossil packages which I am very excited about as they will be 2 of my most rare and special fossils for my collection And I expect my mounted Psittacosaurus skeleton along a few other replica's to be shipped soon, I got a message that the skeleton is almost finished and will ship before the end of the month. But here are the new fossils I've recieved. A small set of dolphin teeth found in Hoevenen, Antwerp in Belgium. (Miocene age, 15 - 10 mya) A small Hexanchus microdon tooth found in Khouribga in Morocco (Paleocene, 60 mya) An Orthoceras from Gotland, Sweden (Silurian) A Heliolites sp. found in Gotland, Sweden (Silurian)
  5. What is this?

    I do ha e pictures trying to figure out how to make file size smaller so i can post i can tell you this we dug down 15 feet hit rock and jack hammered through rock another 25 feet down it fell out of a hole in the side of the rock in our hole i have also found a few arrowheads and lots of flint on this property

    Welcome to the Forum. +1 for Concretion. Neat piece.
  7. Mammoth Tooth?

    I think it is a worn piece of a mammoth tooth.
  8. Oreodont

    That’s a nice gift.
  9. Fossil id

    This was one of the things that I was told it may be! I didn’t know for sure though because I had had other opinions! Thank you again!!
  10. What is this ammonoid

    Goniatites can be very wide, do you have pictures of the side and the back?
  11. Today
  12. Fossil id

    Thank you !
  13. Ammonite

    I agree with caterpillar, I suspect a Perisphinctes
  14. What is this?

    not sure it has something to do with cephalopods, to me it looks man made. but I could be wrong. do you have pictures of the situation where you found it?
  15. What is this?

    Any recommendations on what i should do with this?
  16. What is this?

    That would correct the scale. Big camerae !
  17. Psittachosaurus

    Looks like a likely composite to me. Some of the bones look like they might be real. But yeah the skull and neck look wrong. The whole torso looks too perfect and the tail looks wrong as well.
  18. May 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Psammichnites Carboniferous Kilkee Ireland ((Trilobyte feeding trail?) Found 5/19/19
  19. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    +1 Confirmatory evidence.
  20. What is this?

    It could be the siphuncle of a nautiloid.
  21. Ammonite

    Take a look at Perisphinctes
  22. What is this?

  23. What is this?

    Aren't the would be septa a bit too robust ? There are sponges with this shape that might be considered.
  24. Fossil id

    Someone posted a photo something like this when they explained it to me. Sorry, I couldn't find the actual posting. https://www.uky.edu/KGS/education/images/miss_fen_bryoz.jpg
  25. Ammonite

    Dactylioceras commune?

    "ironstone" concretion. geologic, not fossil, sorry. But a nifty display piece nevertheless less
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