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  2. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    Those rostroconches really are amazing. Also love the brachiopods, gastropods and trilobits too. Very interesting to see the fossils from this formation that i didn't know anything much about.
  3. Fossil ID Requested *Solved, Tylostoma tumidum*

    Thank you!!! In some previous incarnation I used to hunt fossils in Bull Creek off Spicewood Springs road. Not all that successful, but I have some great memories of walking the creekbed with my Dad and my dogs.
  4. Fossil ID Requested *Solved, Tylostoma tumidum*

    Thanks! It looks like it is a Tylostoma tunidum. Found this website : https://www.txfossils.com/gastropods-hood-county . Seems to fit perfect.
  5. Indiana fossil ID

    Is that Ordovician or Silurian? No fish in the Ordovician and jawless ones in the Silurian. Cheers, RIch
  6. How would the crystals get this size and still preserve the information needed for such an identification.
  7. Vitta picta (Férussac 1823)

    Aha. I though that you had intentionally separated the Granulolabiums. I'll try what you are suggesting. You're right about the author by Vitta. I think I must have been thinking of something else when I posted it. Thanks.
  8. Fossil ID Requested *Solved, Tylostoma tumidum*

    You might find this old thread interesting: I never did get a good candidate for the specific gastropod which donated to my steinkern
  9. My Fossil Room is a Mess

    Hi all Due to the lockdown, I’ve decided that I’m going to clean out my fossil room. This is a room that is full of fossils that are not prepped, part prepped or I just haven’t got around to displaying/labelling or storing properly. As you can see, the rooms a mess as I don’t really use it for anything apart from storage. Any prepping I do, I do outside, weather permitting. Following a request from @Ash, I will post some pictures as I tidy the room this week. Again weather permitting. Hope you find this interesting.
  10. Indiana fossil ID

    Haha! What a fun addition to my collection. Thanks, all!
  11. Beginner needing help with fossil or geode/mineral ID

    I can't see this as speleothem either.
  12. Bone Skull Identification

    I agree, Modern raccoon.
  13. Need help identifying these fossils

    Me too. The thin remnants of shell suggest rudist versus gastropod. Probably in the family Requienidae.
  14. Fossil ID Requested *Solved, Tylostoma tumidum*

    Awesome!!! Thank you, never found something like this, I'm stoked!
  15. Need help identifying these fossils

    The last pic is not one of the finds I made. It was off the internet.
  16. Fossil ID Requested *Solved, Tylostoma tumidum*

    Gastropod steinkern. Internal cast of a marine snail.
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  18. There is a wide chasm in the US on correct actions for Federal, State, and local governments and also individuals. I can only relate my situation. I do not claim or support Florida's guidelines and laws as appropriate for all 320 million Americans. We have a mandatory stay_at_home order from the Florida State government. It has these exceptions: I am compulsive about social distancing. I use surgical gloves, masks, disinfectant, each and every time I go out for whatever reason and I minimize the number of times I go out. I have credit cards from my bank that work with waving it over the device rather than insert it. I disinfect the credit card after using it in the old way at the gas pump. A couple of times a week I go fossil hunting to extremely remote areas where based on experience I do not believe I will see a single person. If I happened to see a person, I would not return again to that specific location. Let me acknowledge the risks I take, because I want to understand as many as I can, and then make a choice that I can live with...I take into account that health professionals are giving up their lives tending to the victims of this virus.
  19. Good Afternoon Y'all! Took the pup out to one of my favorite spots this morning and came across this odd ball. Never seen anything like it. It was in a part of the creek that had been washed out from all the rain yesterday. No markings on it or shell impressions. In the same area i come across mostly those bottle cap looking shells and a nice little bit of coral if that helps. Found in Austin, TX down near the pleasant valley bridge on the east side. Thanks for the help!
  20. ??? Shark tooth

    oops sorry, i meant physogaleus contortus
  21. Squalicorax advent calendar

    I am not sure if I may post the exact location of today's tooth, so I will only mention the province. Squalicorax kaupi Belemnellocamax mammillatus Zone Lower Campanian Skåne län, Sweden See you guys tomorrow, Sander
  22. Reconnect with Childhood fossils

    A very, very happy birthday to Tom @fossilnut and @Kane. Wishing you both a wonderful day and many more birthdays and fossils to come. And good luck with your quest, Tom.
  23. Need help identifying these fossils

    The last photo definitely shows an Exogyra type bivalve from the family Gryphaeidae, a group of oysters.
  24. New Mazon Creek Collection

    Thanks, @Mark Kmiecik @Tidgy's Dad and @deutscheben! Clamosaurus - LOL!
  25. ??? Shark tooth

    Wouldn't the relatively larger size and significant serrations rule out physolageus segundus? We have these I believe in the Cretaceous of NJ but they are typically too small to find in a pan with 1/4" screen.
  26. Need help with identifying fossil

    I can't quite make it out, but are you holding a tortoise in your profile photo? I love tortoises.
  27. Beginner needing help with fossil ID

    Internal mold of a strophomenid pedicle valve, i think.
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