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  2. Savannah land based question

    Loose grains. They collapse with the slightest touch.
  3. Mt. Tzouhalem (Tzuhalem), Vancouver Island

    Fossiling has a way to add the spark and excitement to the routines of life of those that partake in this hobby. For me, this renewed vigor then transfers over to my work performance and to my ability to maintain a healthy relationship with friends and family. Mike
  4. North Sulphur River Texas!

    Awesome finds Jarrod. I may have to meet you out there sometime. My finds are never that good.
  5. Anybody know bugs?

    I doubt it is a hymenopteran as they have a narrow pedicel ("waist") between the thorax and posterior abdomen, which is not present in your fossil. If you can get a photo that shows the veins in the wings (or at least one wing) I can ask some people here. However the current photos are too fuzzy for a decent ID. Don
  6. Big Fossil from Denmark

    Great find- Congrats
  7. Anybody know bugs?

    Near as I can tell, it has 2 wings.
  8. Today
  9. Ptychodus Tooth ID

    Those small ptychodus are tough to id!!! Wish I could help, but I can't. I can say it looks cool!! (Like all ptychodus teeth)
  10. Anybody know bugs?

    For a start, it looks like a Dipteran based on antennae and general appearance. I would probably rule out wasp because it doesn't fit the general shape of a wasp. That being said, it is hard to tell if it is or isn't because of clarity, which I totally understand- tiny insects in amber are really hard to photograph. However, some things that you could look for to determine if it is or isn't a wasp/other Hymenopteran is to check for the number of wings. Dipterans have two and Hymenopterans have 4!
  11. I definately think it has great potential. Basically just add fossils. I like Kane's idea for the middle, something big and flashy.
  12. My Wife's Jurassic Ammonite Finds from Europe 2011

    Thanks for the correction, Roger. Details grow fuzzy over the years. Hope to see you again on site somewhere soon.
  13. Shark presentation

    I appreciate the offer and may take you up on it. Thank-you.
  14. Anybody know bugs?

    I don't know how helpful they'd be given that the amber blurs the details, but you might want to try bugguide.net. They should at least be able to give you an Order.
  15. I’ll check out the flat pack Swedish company. Thanks for the advice! I will be making compartments good idea!
  16. I like the idea with the large specimen!! Plus other quality ideas! Thanks Kane
  17. Mt. Tzouhalem (Tzuhalem), Vancouver Island

    Yeah, I know it's because of the development plans in the first place that got the shale dug up for me to look through, and I suppose 10 years is better than a month or a year to collect, and I have collected ~1500 fossils over that time though they are mostly small things, and naturally the collecting was best in the early days. But the environmental destruction, unsightly scar on the hillside, the additional houses, higher real estate prices and taxes, more traffic, more water usage (they were going to put in a golf course originally but water woes cancelled that) outweigh all the fossils that I have struggled to collect and conserve with a great deal of frustration and am now fretting about what to do with them - Can't sell them, the RBCM is not jumping on my offer of donations, and the GSC which likely would take them is not located on Vancouver Island. ....so it's a cup less than half empty I'd say, looking at it now. Wait, why did I get into this hobby? Someone please remind me...
  18. Mosasaurus or Something Else?

    I wish my english was good enough so i could explain why this is a croc. 80% is mosa 10% croc 10% other flipper reptiles and this is certainly a croc. Few months ago I have read close to 500 pages of research about the mosa and the sub species. I'm not gonna argue about it because it's not worth it to explain it for a single tooth.
  19. Whale inner ear?

    Pfft Dude, I gots mad pottery skills. Hahaha my whole grade 10 art profile was based on Egyptian canopic jars haha. Yea I’m thinking modern too. It’s a neat educational piece for the kiddos
  20. Yesterday
  21. Fossil fish

    Poor Tony/Ynot, he was just trying to help. You shouldn't abuse him for that!
  22. Congratulations You could make the most out of this build in cabinet. I think your Eurypterids plate would great on the top. You could line and segment the draws into compartments. The flat pack Swedish company does plenty of different lighting cheapish. Maybe make some stands for your fossil displays . Good luck . Bobby
  23. My trilobite of the week.

    Gerry, along with Bruce Lieberman, and Carlton Brett are all in the loop with regard to my research on this little fella. I'm trying to do it right
  24. Whale inner ear?

    Looks more like a failed attempt at a flower pot you made in ceramics class! I'm thinking modern.
  25. Whale inner ear?

    Anyone know if this is more recent or how to tell if it’s fossilized
  26. Whale inner ear?

    Lucky for me my kiddo already did that in the shop and she said there was a woodpecker and a t-rex in there
  27. Whale inner ear?

    As I understand it, if you put it up to your ear you can hear whale songs. But you have to do it in a crowded area so everyone can see you or it won't work!
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