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  2. Potomac fossils ID

    Try this link - https://www.fossilguy.com/sites/potomac/liv_col.htm
  3. Diplodocus toe bone?

    It looks like a diplodocus toe bone it could be another sauropod toe bone it hard to indentify individual bones like this unless it was found with other bones or a skeleton? but if it wasn’t it can just be called sauropod indet toe bone
  4. Garage Sale Fossils (9-21-19)

    Over the years it has only happened a few times for me.
  5. Garage Sale Fossils (9-21-19)

    Thanks for the Id’s on the trilobites, I did not have anytime to look up that location. As far as the Silica stuff, I do have a couple of the larger spirifers, and I know @stats Rich got some that were pyritized.
  6. Real or fabrication?

    What caldigger said and also the rock has been tooled. RB
  7. What Are These Ammonites?

    No chance there, since the diagnostic sculpture has been sanded and polished away. Never heard of C.cleon anyway.
  8. Before going down and reading everyone post, especially hamptonsdoc, I was going back and forth from real to fake and fake to real. Glad someone knows. I would have more eggs but am afraid to buy any. RB
  9. Garage Sale Fossils (9-21-19)

    This kind of stuff isn't my cup of tea but I'd say you did fairly well with the cost of that fairly large Euripterid. RB
  10. I know where there are two of these but he wants high retail for both and they both have problems. He wont come down either, ive already tried. RB
  11. Potomac fossils ID

    In this particular formation (the Aquia formation), Turritella mortoni is produced in the thousands both with and without the shell. It is almost certain these steinkerns come from Turritella mortoni.
  12. Potomac fossils ID

    Use turritellid instead since there is no exterior ornamentation to determine if a steinkern of a shell is a turritella. I find it ironic that the first several photos in link above show the Eocene high spired shells that are not turritellas from Wyoming.
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  14. Potomac fossils ID

    Hi, Please don't use "Turritella" for a steinkern ! Turritella is a latin genus of a Turrittellid family of shells ! I read too often on this forum "Turritella" about a gastropod that vaguely resembles this latin genre. It’s not a commun name, it’s a latin genus name Here is what are real recent and fossil Turritella https://www.google.com/search?q=turritella&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=ACYBGNQV_r7LWE26jazE_Qfs7G74dO2n7g:1569152773252&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjUmJfNreTkAhVE7eAKHSckA64Q_AUIESgB&biw=1578&bih=822 Coco
  15. Potomac fossils ID

    Go to elasmo.com. Click on "FAUNAS". Then click on "AQUIA". Marco Sr.
  16. Garage Sale Fossils (9-21-19)

    Wow! People have yard sales around here all the time, but I never come across anything like this! Congrats on the awesome buys!
  17. Fossil Tubeworms

    Hello, I recorded this as fossil tube worms. as I recall from them same ballast.
  18. Fossil Tabulate

    I found this in rail road ballast, so I do not know original state. I believe more western USA. any ideas on possible location and other comments?
  19. Summer 2019

    I love the trilobites, but being the brach guy I am I personally think this is the nicest find. What nice, delicate spines that rarely preserve so well.
  20. Summer 2019

    I especially like the spiny Spinatrypa spinosa brachiopod - very nice!
  21. How to clean

    Topic moved to Fossil Preparation. If the stone is hard, your best best is an air scribe or (at the least) an electric engraver such as a Dremel tool. You can attempt to remove the rock using a pin vise and dental picks, but it will take a very long time compared to an air tool.
  22. ID for this bivalve from Morocco

    has an Astarte sp. look to it, but Astarte is a young genus, I believe. Genus Neocrassina?
  23. How to clean

    Hi everyone, I've been wanting to clean this fossil up for a long time but not really knowing how to start because I have little experience with cleaning fossils. Anybody got any tips for removing the hard stone covering the front of the fossil? Thanks in advance! (dimensions are 9x9x7 cm)
  24. Maybe my last hunting trip?

    Beautiful Aturia nautiloids, Ron!
  25. Bag Marked Teeth Southern Illinois

    as Rockwood noted, these are unfortunately not teeth. They are pebbles of quartz and quartzite
  26. Bones found South New Jersey

    +1 for canid
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